March 2024... Finally, we've seen the release of a new hauler... Cruz Ramirez's Hauler.

Here's the back of the box:

This picture shows the UPC:

It's been way too long since the release of an official by Mattel.

Currently available in the US only at Walmart or through sellers who have bought it at Walmart.

I found it March 15 while on vacation in Florida and have seen it at 2 Indiana Walmart stores since we got home on the 17th... It will probably become a pegwarmer fairly soon... I chose not to buy the next generation Walmart hauler (Marty Hauler) - it was not in a movie so I decided I didn't need it... I wish that I could have a complete set of the Piston Cup Racer haulers from the first Cars movie... but I don't think I can come up with the money for the remaining 21 - I have a great custom Apple hauler made by Jim Scavenger.