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How much room does your collection take up?

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  • How much room does your collection take up?

    I have well and truly run out of space! Have two built in wardrobes full and it's taking up far too much room, but it got to the stage where they is so much it hard to even arrange or sort out.

    Made the decision to board out my loft now, which the wife was very happy to hear lol

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    she's just thinking of more hanging space for her clothes Rippers!


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      Too much space for sure. I've got a closet full of totes and boxes, another stack in the corner of the basement piled almost to the ceiling, a wall full of shelves, plus loose cars on the floor of every room in the house. I'm starting to take a little heat from the wife to get rid of some of it. I can't imagine what it would look like if I started collecting from the beginning....


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        I have 5 bookcases, a china cabinet, 7 display cases, and more boxes that I can't get on a bookcase... I have 4 Kmart Collector event posters framed and on the walls... I may have to move out my computer desk(s), TV and audio stands, the loveseat and couch... and my room is 15.5 feet x 23.5 feet! I can hardly see the floor... there's no room for the 5th Kmart collector event poster... my landlord is going to have to add onto the house.

        I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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          when you board the loft get a few cabinets round the sides, this will keep the floor space free for other "stuff", this room could be then be yer den and you could call it "rippers residence" and be a woman free zone.
          I have 99% of me cars stuff in the attic, a few in a cabinet but mostly displayed on the walls, on an oval race track and on the radiator springs playmat, the only problem is when the "boys" come up to play scalextric I gotta move some of it, still its a nice job putting them back in place after theyve gone. The scalextric track is a permanent feature in the shape of the monza racetrack, cos as you all know boogity, he follow.....


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            All of my cars are in 4 boxes. All of the models I've created are stored on top of the wardrobes around the house (causing much annoyance to the wife, hence they're staying put)


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              Reece has two great big dumpsters for the loose cars and four shelves in his room for the elite creme de la creme in packaging. Highlights in packaging are Desert Card Back Lizzie, Todd, Damaged Mood Springs, King Chase Metallic (I love that paint job), Mario Andretti, Vinyl Toupee (Kmart & Hauler) we love the decal's on this vehicle, Frank, Video Music Mater, Bye Bye Kar, Faux plastic wheels TRU collectors car, Sidewall shine TRU collectors car.

              Loose, Reece has all the rubber tyre racers apart from Mood Springs, LM, Chick, King and of course the Apple car. If anyone has these then give us a shout. HE WANTS THEM BADLY.


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                Well being an opener has its perks, my sons collection only takes up 1 corner of his room................though I do have a secret stash under the bed, in the slide robes and in the spare room...oh and under the stairs, in the basement and the boot of my car. Can't remember if I planked any in my parents house, sorry for keeping it small watchers everywere...!