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  • Selling the collection.. choices

    Guys that know me.. your advise please

    It been a hard descision, I really enjoyed collecting the cars back in the day and met some really really nice people from all around the world, but sadly my interest has disminished to nothing
    My son has minimal interest in the line now and its all about Skylanders, Lego, Angry Birds and Star Wars..

    I took on a my very own 1:1 Scale Fillmore (1964 VW Bus) and I've enjoyed restoring it over the last 18months (roughly how long Cars 2 has been out.. funny

    I have some final body shop bills to pay and I need to raise funds so majority of my collection will be sold on ebay..

    Guys if you where faced with what I was doing, what would you leave for yourself (to hand to your children later on in life etc) and never sell... bearing in mind my son has majority of these cars loose anyway

    My Cars 1 collection basically consists of:-

    2006 Factory set

    Set of 12 back Desert Art

    Set of 16 back Desert Art

    All 43 Super Charged singles

    Set of the Walmart 8

    Every WOC single inc US chases etc

    Every ROR single inc chases etc

    Every Lenticular single ROR card

    Every Lenticular night scene card

    Every Final Lap released on single card

    Every Hauler

    Every Megasize/Deluxe

    Every Kmart Racer

    Every Cars Toon single/megasize

    Every Launcher

    All of the Christmas Cars

    Huge Mini Adventures Collection

    Almost all the of movie moments, loads of the 3 packs, box sets, some of the light year launchers

    I have all the promo cars accept french Gask-its

    Rolling Bowling mater set

    Radiator Springs boxed play sets

    SDCC Mater and RV

    Some really nice factory made back door and prototype cars, (chome gold LMQ team '09, superb Apple, Metallic red/green/gold LMQ, and others)

    At the moment I feel like I couldn't sell the factory set or the backdoor/ prototypes..

    Really sad when I think about the time, effort and chases I had for these cars but its time to move on, when the camper van is finished my whole family will enjoy using it rather then boxes of cars stacked up in my wardrobe.

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    As one of your trading partners from a long time ago, I hate to see you go... We sent huge boxes back and forth across the ocean for many years... and to think our first trade started with me sending you 1 N2O Cola promo Car for 1 FWD promo Car.

    As far as what you've mentioned... I'd keep
    2006 Factory Set (unless you want to give it to me...
    The prototype Cars
    Either the DB12 or DB16 Cars
    The Walmart 8 Cars
    Deluxe: Bessie and Frank and if you have one, El Materdor - those would be extremely expensive to replace down the road.
    Mood Springs Launcher
    Final Lap Race Damaged Mood Springs
    The Christmas Cars

    I'd be tempted to keep the Kmart rubber tire Piston Cup racers - some of those are getting very hard to find.

    If possible, if you could provide photos of some of the Final Lap Cars that I didn't keep for myself, that would be greatly appreciated... I'd like to put them in the archives... that would be Cars like Chick Hicks, Ramone, The King, Doc Hudson, Fabulous Hudson Hornet... I bought all the new ones as well as Sheriff and Mater.

    Thanks for everything through the years... from every Car to if I ever make it to the UK on vacation I will definitely look you up.


    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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      I am sad to hear that Rippers. Boys will be boys, I know my son will probably outgrow these as well (as much as I don't want him to)

      Although I am not sure what they are worth, I would say keep the Christmas cars. Those are fun, and being out only once a year, I'm sure your son, although at this point not much interested in Cars, will come to appreciate their yearly appearance.

      Like I mentioned, I don't know the worth of 90% of what you have so that's about as far as my opinion can go.

      EDIT: like Chris mentioned, Bessie and Frank are must keeps as well. At least Frank, he's too cool to let go. And of cource, El Materdor, forgot about him. Maybe hold on to him if you have him

      Transformers for Trade


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        Sell me the cars I need at cost!!!


        I'd keep the Factory Sealed Set , Frank, Bessie, Brian Park Motors (remember how you pined over him) and possibly the playsets

        If you're interested in selling individual cars that I may be interested in, let me know...


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          When my kids lose interest, I'm planning on keeping the collection for them when they get older. Not going to keep collecting though. I will have to move on to follow their other interests. Not going to repeat the same mistake when I got rid of all my old Star Wars, G.I. Joes and Transformers growing up. I have already boxed most of BobbyJack's wooden Thomas the Tank Engine stuff up so he can pass it on to his kids. Sorry to hear you are moving on, but maybe you will have a change of heart.

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            Sad news Rippers but totally understandable.
            I still blame you for getting me into this addiction so I think it only right that you fill the gaps in my collection for free!!!
            I would try and keep the usual suspects as mentioned above and ones that you like. Maybe keep at least one car of each no matter what card it's on.
            No matter what, no bank would have paid the interest that these cars have gone up in value by.
            My plan is either to pass them onto my boys if they still want them by then or wait till my retirement and enjoy them myself and maybe sell my much loved cars to a new generation of collectors.
            Thanks for your help and advice in the past Rippers.


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              I agree with pirelliboy, youve a lot to answer for!
              However I would not do anything haste, leave well alone for a while and then come back to it again
              If you do eventually you make your decision, get shot of the lot or keep ,em all. If you keep a few , then they still mean something, so you may as well keep the lot.

              decisions, decisions, decisions....

              If you do sell, then I,d like to buy at least one, and then I can proudly say i,ve got a car that once belonged the one and only....rippers


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                Thanks guys, it was a hard decision to come to. Also thanks to the guys that pm'd me but anything I sell will be via my ebay account (username 79pr) as its the fairest way that I can obtain the true value. I have a few odds and ends on there now but nothing like the amount I will be listing.
                I think if the distribution and chase had been kept on in the UK I'd still be collecting but it went wrong and become far far too expensive to keep up buying from abroad and from ebay. I used to love looking for the cars in stores


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                  so sorry to hear that you're giving up rippers,it seems such a shame to be losing our founder here on PCD.
                  you must have thought really hard about getting rid of that sort of inventory and wish you well in your future endeavour


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                    I am sad to hear this, but I can understand too.
                    1) Keep girfs from friends. they are more than cars.
                    2) Keep some special one, since it is hard to get, if you want to take them back in future.
                    3) Keep one best set you like. I think DB set is great, all the collector of cars know your DB set
                    Good luck, Ripper.


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                      Hate to lose you!
                      Thanks for all the great trades over the past year or so and most of all; thank you for starting this site!!!
                      I hope you and your son enjoy building the real car together


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                        Thanks for the kind words guys you are a very nice and kind bunch of people :-)
                        Well I still haven't sold anything yet lol still can't push myself to do it.. Decided to have a think about it for a bit before making any rash decisions.. We'll see..


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                          Originally posted by Rippers View Post
                          Thanks for the kind words guys you are a very nice and kind bunch of people :-)
                          Well I still haven't sold anything yet lol still can't push myself to do it.. Decided to have a think about it for a bit before making any rash decisions.. We'll see..
                          Glad to hear, rippers... PCD is a great community and from my selfish standpoint, I want you to be a part of it.

                          I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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                            I think you should only sell that Gold "Team 09" Ransburg McQueen... To me!


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                              I hope you reconsider selling but understand if you have to sell. In fact, had I not sold my SOTS (even though it was loose) someone on the board here would not have one at a decent price. I know you are wanting "top dollar" for your goods but I can honestly say that I sold my extremely hard to find cars....desert backs, SOTS, SDCC, etc to fellow collectors who I knew would take care of them. Honestly I would never have done it any differently and do not regret selling on eBay and getting more money out of the items. I know of at least two handfuls of people on this board alone that I have sold my hard to find items to and man am I glad I did it!! I can't speak as a mod for the site but would have to say they would be pretty flexible on how you might sell off your goods here on the site knowing that other fellow collectors stand to benefit as will you. Just remember that I have sold you a lot and expect a 40% discount too

                              I am a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom