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  • de lorean sports car

    wonder if this belfast built supercar will appear in cars 2, this is the 30th anniversary of the car and theres a few rallys/demos around this town this week.

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    My uncle has one, he used to have two, one came from the the middle east and was painted gold. He stripped it back to the original Stainless.
    I've always wanted one! there is a guy that has one at my gym aswell


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      Club GTI do a show at castlewellan every year and the de lorean car club always attend which pulls in the crowds, luckily enough I've had the chance to take some film stock of these beauties....Simply awesome and a good post there roger


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        there was a bloke down the street who worked in de lorean, one perk he had was to bring a car home one weekend, anyway he drove it up his driveway, but cos of his raised flowerbeds he couldnt open the gullwing doors and got stuck inside, us kids, sorry sproggs had a right laugh at his expense as he had to leave it in the street!


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          fantastic story there roger, could just imagine that... though giving your age away a bit lol aul hand


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            Dont get me wrong I absolutely love these cars and the story of the rise and fall of both the car and John Delorean himself is an incredible one but 0-60 in the same time as my missus' 1600 Focus does not a supercar make.
            But like you I would love to see one in Cars 2.