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UK Cars buying strategy

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  • UK Cars buying strategy

    Ok whats the plan??

    My take..

    Tesco are incorrectly too cheap at £3.69 in my opinion.. so buy what you can before they realise

    Asda, Disney Store, Sainsburys all are going to be around the £4.50 mark... nothing to get excited about

    TRU.. whilst probably still around the £4.50 mark this is the one I'm banking on.. my prediction is promo car(s) which makes buying from TRU only the best idea (when the time comes).. Also I think they will be doing box sets so for openers this 'may' make more sense??

    So its up to you, I think regardless there is no point going nuts to get them yet

    In terms of rarity in the singles I'm predicting Carlo, Luigi &Guido and Prof Z to be the harder ones to find initially but this will probably all change

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    You make good points, Rippers... If the TRU 5 packs are on sale at a discounted rate as they were in the US, it makes sense to buy them if you are an opener... I bought 1 of each of the 3 5 packs but have not opened them yet... if the Metallic paint Cars (McQueen, Gorvette, Nigel) are available as TRU promos in the UK as they are in Germany, it makes sense to buy the singles at TRU as you say... I'd go for a complete set of the World Grand Prix Cars in Metallic paint.

    Carla, Guido & Luigi, and Race Team Fillmore have been the hardest ones to find as singles in the US so far... if you get the same case assortment, you may find the same thing... and yes, I am leaving lots of Cars2 diecasts behind... I think a lot of retailers are going to get stuck with lots of inventory due to the case assortments and quantities that they ordered.

    Good luck to all my UK friends as you start with your Cars2 collections...

    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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      Rite this is a good post...So its better to wait, but on TRU..Are you sure there gonna get the box sets and the exclusives? I thought acer, professor Z, Rod Torque, Grem, Raoul, jeff, fillmore and sarge were going to be the ones to grab first...
      Whats not going to come in the 2 packs? cause I'm waitng for them and the multi packs for the racers


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        As far as 2 packs are concerned, if you get the same items that we got in the US, you'll have to buy 6 of them in order to get a Car that may not be released in another format:

        Doubles Case A contents (12 per case, * indicates the exclusive Car)
        Grem /Damaged Rod Torque Redline* -x1
        Finn McMissile/ Tomber* - x3
        Brent Mustangburger*/ Darrell Cartrip -x2
        Race Team Mater /Zen Master Pitty* -x2
        Luigi & Guido /Uncle Topolino* -x1
        Francesco Bernoulli/ Lightning Mcqueen with Party Wheels* -x3

        The Brent Mustangburger/Darrell Cartrip is the only 2 pack that was not in case B - there were no new 2 packs in case B... There are slight differences in the Uncle Topolino in the 2 pack and the TRU 5 pack (eyebrows different, 5 pack has tires/tyres)... The Tomber in the 2 pack is different than the Tomber sipping oil in the TRU 5 pack...

        As far as the Cars you've listed, Ru5ty, I recommend adding the Carla single to your list... I'd get the Grem/Damaged Rod Torque Redline 2 pack and not the Grem single (if I'm an for opener)... I think you've done a good job figuring out what to buy.

        I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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          Nice one cac... So I'll go for those singles I've mentioned plus carla but leave out grem... And for the 2 packs get the 6 packs you've listed and just wait to see if TRU provide the goods as far as racers are concerned.. If thats right I'm sorted, only is TRU not releasing a 10 pack of racers or is that only for Canada?


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            No confirmation of the TRU 10 pack yet... it was posted for a few days on the TRU Canada site, but they pulled it.

            I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom