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What Cars items have you not seen in stores?

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    Originally posted by PopeMobile View Post
    In most cases the Queen did not make it to retail stores. Because of those cases being 2012 product most retailers had put a 'stop' on ordering anything with the V2796 code. That resulted in thousands of cases with the Queen being sent off to liquidators. I know this first hand because I was involved in this.
    I saw that Case (I think it was Case R?) at a Bergner's department store in Quincy IL. Someone must have beat me to the Queen but strangely the 3 Funny Car Mater's and 2 Kimura Kaizo's were still there. Bought 2 of each of those which was good since I never saw that Case anywhere else.

    I believe the Queen was also available in Deluxe Case T with Taia Decotrua and Taco Truck Mater, but we all know how that one turned out.


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      Finally found Francesco Fan Mater in stores!


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        Originally posted by Hunter View Post
        Finally found Francesco Fan Mater in stores!
        Great find Hunter!!!


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          I'm updating my list as within the last 2 months I've finally seen a few more Cars in stores...

          So my updated list of what I haven't seen in stores:

          Super Chase Long Ge, Bindo and Prince Wheeliam - the singles from 2012 case H.
          Super Chase Flash

          Chase Fabrizio, Chase Sir Harley Gassup, Chase Alex Vandel, Otis, Suki (2012 cardback), Nick Cartone - the singles from 2012 case P and N (same as P minus Super Chase Cars)

          2013 cardback - I still haven't seen Maurice Wheelks or any of the Super Chase Cars (Yukio, Hiroaki, and Takeshi)... I haven't seen Jeff Gorvette on the full cardback, Brent Mustangburger, Mark Wheelson, or Boost with Flames... I haven't seen Snot Rod with Flames opaque version.

          I have now seen Snot Rod with Flames, Chase Franscesca, Victor Paveone, Alex Carvill, Nature Drive McQueen, Race Official Tom, and Vern

          I have never seen The Queen in a store (only Funny Car Mater and Kiumura Kaizo)... and it took 2 almost 10 weeks after the Kmart Cars month but I've now seen more than 1 Chase Francesco Fan Mater... waiting for Count Mater and Waiter Mater.

          Movie Moments - like you, I'm waiting on the 2013 case E Movie Moments.

          I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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            I've never seen a super chase anywhere - not even the remnants from the cases they were in which tells me those cases never made it near me. My only 'score' to date has been finding one RIP in a Target and that was when RIP was very hard to get and came out in case B. It would probably be easier to type what I have seen vs. what I have not seen. I have seen lots and lots of pegwarmers and still drowning in them in several locations. Case G really hurt the momentum in my area this year. The prior cases moved well but when G got put out it was shades of 2012 with lots of Maters, Franscescos, and McQueens to clog the shelves.