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What is your biggest Cars regret?

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  • What is your biggest Cars regret?

    I thought is might be a fun way to share some of our war's my top 2:

    1. I was looking for the dinoco showgirls to add to a racetrack I built for my kids; I responded to someones post that they had a showgirls set. When the person told me they wanted $30 I said no thanks, they said its the showgirls set not the dinoco set!
    I had no clue what they meant (was new to cars at the time); turns out it was the storytellers showgirl set I could have had for $30!

    2. 6 months ago I walk into TRU, I check the cars display and see 4 El materdors, I pick them up and put them in my cart (again I have no clue these are rare) thinking my kids will like these. I walk up to the check out and see 10 people in front of me. Being lazy I decide not to wait and dump my cart and walk out empty handed; I regret that decison every day

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    Great question, Conrad... I have a few...

    One day I saw 2 Final Lap B cases at a Target store in Indianapolis... it was a week before payday so I did not have enough money to buy all of them... that was the only time I saw Final Lap Antonio and Dexter Hoover with checkered flag in a store...I was not able to help many people with those 2 Cars.

    I bought one Speedway of the South set through the Mattel RLC club... My wife was not happy with me for doing that and she wanted me to sell it immediately... 3 days later, when the eBay price had gone up to $1200, she wanted to know why I had not bought 2... Sigh...

    I left Dinoco 400 boxed sets at a Target in Fort Myers, Florida while on vacation in the summer of 2008... they were only $15 each, but money and suitcase space were tight... I could have bought them and mailed them home... Sigh...

    When KB Toys was going out of business, I saw about 10 Rollin Bowlin Mater sets in the store... however, at the time, I'd not started collecting Cars so I did not buy any... ever since then, even if I don't have much money, I find a way to get the Cars...

    I'm sure I've got more... if I think of them I'll add them to this post.

    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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      1. I left it late to up my bid on a New York Toy Fair Lightning McQueen when they first came out and lost out at $148!! At the time I thought "never mind I'll pick one up cheap when the excitment dies down". How wrong could I be!!!

      2. Passing on buying all three and picking up only one Bessie at my local Tesco Superstore. Didnt know any better at the time!

      There are more but it hurts to type!!! LOL!!!


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        I have three, no 4
        1 not investing in speedway of the south when it came out
        2 not buying up flos garage, cassa del tyres etc when they first came out in 2006
        3 not getting the woolworths glass case diorama when I had the chance
        4 not buying 1 of the 4 large sized djs in tru, which had sat there for months, when I decided to they,d all gone


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          I love the response: "There are more but it hurts to type!!!"

          That was happening to me as I wrote mine down haha


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            Not bidding enough on the Lasserter Series LMQ's and Red Ransburgs from Hong Kong.

            I would have deffo bought a SOTS set if I had been collecting at the time but sadly it was before my time

            I also wish I had got a WOC Sparemint 3pack and Tractor Story Tellers when they where first availible.


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              I've had a few. I'll leave out the SOTS as it was way out of our price range at the time. And had just started casually collecting. And the Factory Sealed Set was before my time. But of the "D'OH!"s I remember...

              My wife called once and had 2 Franks and I told her to leave them as we already had 1 loose
              and 1 carded. And I know I passed on at least 1 Frank around the same time as well. You'd
              think with my screen name I'd know better. But my worst was a Supercharged LMcQ that had
              a huge hole in his fender, where the metal hadn't poured in correctly. Had no clue what an error
              was. So I gave it a chuckle and stuck it right back on the peg! Derp!
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                Well, I regret not having my son three years earlier- it's difficult and expensive to play catch-up with the older releases.....

                I remember leaving Dexter with checkered flag on the peg because I already had one without the flag, and at the time I was refusing to pay the extra dollar for Final Laps...Blowing Bubbles Mater for pretty much the same reason....damn......

                I probably left 20 Franks on the pegs (every Fred Meyer in town had multiples), since I already had 8 or 9, most of which are long gone.

                One shoulda-been-a-regret-but-I-lucked-out: last October or November i told my local friend Lorri that I couldn't afford the Storytellers Showgirls for $10 a piece, but changed my mind cos I felt guilty since she dug them out of storage and brought them with her. Whew.


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                  I placed order for an apple hauler, with $15. then I cancel the order since it is not mint in the hauler.


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                    not making that CARS chopper bicycle I have in mind for my son yet, but he's happy with the one's he has now

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