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Cars That Haven't Been Re-released In a Long Time

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  • Cars That Haven't Been Re-released In a Long Time

    I've only been doing this a year but there are some secondary characters that were part of the older cardback versions and I haven't seen them re-released. Since these are not main characters I do wonder if these were one and done. Here's 2 that come to mind. Curious to know which ones other people can recall seeing/having that were secondary characters and not seen again.

    - Ferrari
    - Milton Calypeer

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    Quite a few of the Final Lap cars were one and done .... wish that line would have kept going ... sigh ...


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      I mentioned it a while back on the other board, but I don't believe we'll ever see Dale Jr again.

      Too many rights hoops to jump through to get permission, unless the original rights were granted in perpetuity. I think we could infer from the Apple Car that this is not normal procedure, however.


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        Lizzie hasn't been released since a Walmart exclusive World of Cars case W from December 2008 that included the first releases of Spinout McQueen, Sally with Cone, and Dexter Hoover with Yellow flag.

        I agree with odisn - I don't think we'll see Dale Jr #8 again; perhaps if they release a Cars 3 we may see Dale Jr as #88.

        As far as one and done, Milton Calypeer was re-released as a lenticular - Milton's eyes weren't as bad as most lenticular Cars - but it was one and done with fixed eyes... we may see more of the one and done make another appearance in boxed sets (like Polly Puddlejumper and Coriander Widetrack from the 7 pack, Marty Brakeburst from a 4 pack)... retailers would rather sell 1 $20 boxed set than 5 $4 singles.

        As jestrjef mentioned, many Final Lap Cars have only been released once... same as boxed sets (Target Speedway 9 pack, Target Kit Revster 7 pack, Target Clutch Foster 4 pack, etc...)

        Ferrari was released in a Movie Moments with Guido and Luigi... it was also released as a lenticular in both a 3 pack (with Antonio and Costanzo) and as a single.

        Mini was released as part of the Kmart 2 assortment as a single - that's her only release so far.

        I'll see what others I can think of.

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          Todd the Pizza Planet Truck. Not sure if he ever got a rerelease.

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            Todd was part of the Kmart 2 case and was later released in a Race O Rama case... I left 6 to 8 Todd on the pegs at Big Lots stores years ago... that was definitely one of my oops Cars moments.

            And as far as Deluxe go:


            I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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              I also left a Deluxe Bessie in TRU a few years back. I didn't realise at the time how significant that day was until it's was too late, oops! I don't think I'll ever see her on the pegs again! As for Todd, never seen one in hand. I would have bought them all!! shucks....


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                The Ferrari was released as a Supercharged Single, Supercharged Movie Moment w/ Luigi, World of Cars Single, World of Cars Movie Moment w/ Luigi, Race O Rama Single, Race O Rama Chase edition w/ Italian packaging, Race O Rama Movie Moment, Lenticular Night Skyline Single, and finally the Lenticular Night Skyline 3 Pack with Antonio Veloce Eccelente and Costanzo Della Corsa.

                Although he was never released in mass quantities in a particular format, I'm pretty sure everyone who wanted one back then was able to get one.


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                  Not counting official variants, Walmart Exclusives, Final Laps, Kmart Days, Toons, and Story Tellers, there are still quite a few one and done characters from Cars 1.

                  By one and done, I mean Singles released on only one cardback style.

                  Here are some that I can think of right off the bat:

                  World of Cars
                  My Name is Not Chuck
                  Petrol Pulaski

                  Easy Idle Pitty
                  Nitroade Pitty
                  Tank Coat Pitty
                  Trunk Fresh Pitty
                  Vitoline Pitty

                  Dash Boardman
                  Tim Rimmer
                  Wilmar Flattz


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                    • As for other Cars, Vitoline Pitty, Easy Idle Pitty, Tank Coat Pitty and Trunk Fresh Pitty were all one and done releases in the Race O Rama series.
                    • Hamm was only released twice; Supercharged and World of Cars Singles. I believe I have duplicates of both.
                    • There was a variant Fabulous Hudson Hornet with white hubcaps released for a short time in the Supercharged series until he was replaced by the red rim version.
                    • Flik and PT Flea were released twice: an extremely rare Supercharged version and a still pretty difficult to find World of Cars version.
                    • Dale Jr was released in the Supercharged series, World of Cars series (both Single and short Cars Single), and Race O Rama series, so he wasn't really a one and done release. There have also been prototype sneak peeks of a Dale Jr Micro Drifter, so he still could be released in the future.
                    • And to go along with what everyone else mentioned, Todd the Pizza Planet Truck, a ton of the Final Laps, Mini, Patti, most all Chase releases, and Deluxe Bessie have been released only once.