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Cute things your kids say while car hunting

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  • Cute things your kids say while car hunting

    I thought this would be a fun thread for us to share all those wonderful things are children say. Kind of like Bill Cosby's Kids Say the Darndest Things. Feel free to post any stories, one liners, or even hilarious photos.

    I'll start:

    My son is not super capable of forming full sentences yet (2 years old) so this was a bit of a surprise. As we walked into TRU the other day, I think he had heard me find no new cars in so long he said
    McQueen inai ne?
    BTW, my wife is Japanese and son is learning both languages. This meant:
    No McQueen is there? [sympathetically]
    I just started laughing and agreed telling him, yeah we probably won't find much today. Of course we didn't but that made the trip worth it anyhow

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    "Dad, you don't need any more cars. You have enough"


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      "How many more stores do we have to go to?"

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        When my wee boy was 3 his great gran died and he was upset. A few weeks passed and we were on the bus on the way home, out of nowhere he started crying - I said - hey pal whats wrong? - to which he replied - I don't want to die! so I gave him a hug and said you don't have to worry about that, it wont happen to you until you are very old. Just at that the bus stopped and picked up 2 pensioners and as they sat in front of us Ben says (loud enough for the whole bus to hear) - look Dad those 2 people are really old - does that mean they are about to die?
        The whole bus was in uproar and I just didn't know where to look. LoL

        I know it has nothing to do with cars hunting but just felt I had to share this.


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          "aww Dad, do we have to go Cars hunting again?" is what my lad says when we go shopping at the weekend!


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            My grandchildren don't go Cars shopping with me anymore...

            My grandson who got me hooked on Cars used to say

            "Papaw - buy this one... and buy it for me too"... and I usually did

            It's not as cute but my wife will say things like others have mentioned such as"

            "Do we have to go Cars hunting again?"
            "How many more stores do we have to go to?"
            "You don't need any more Cars - you have enough"
            "No more Cars come into the house until some go out"

            Although last Saturday, after finding a dress to wear to an upcoming wedding, she did tell me I could go to as many stores as I wanted... and I only felt like one each of Toys R US, Target, and Walmart...

            This coming Saturday is a Kmart Hot Wheels Collector Event... I told her I was thinking about going... and she mentioned a couple of the comments again.

            I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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              my son, 4 years old says:
              -Daddy, you go to work again?
              -yes i buy more cars for you
              -daddy, don't go to work, stay at home i have enough cars!

              Since this time, i've changed my answer...
              My collection:


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                (Age 3 - when we buy an occasional lottery ticket)

                "Daddy, if we win, we can get Frank!"

                Yeah not far wrong buddy. I dont want to even think how much I paid for that DS Tractor Tippin' set secretly stashed away for Christmas.


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                  Oh and it's my birthday coming up soon, and the family asked him what he was going to buy me.

                  A few seconds of deep thought and then his answer...

                  "A car playset...and we can both share it and play together".


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                    Very nice quotes guys, a lot of precious "Cars Moments" here! Thanks so much for sharing guys.


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                      Once we find either a car or son exclaims as we are headed to check-out..."Dad, we got lucky today"


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                        Lately when we have gone to the Cars toys I hear him say ' awww we got that one' (in a dissapointed voice lol)


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                          Originally posted by carscrazy View Post
                          Lately when we have gone to the Cars toys I hear him say ' awww we got that one' (in a dissapointed voice lol)
                          I don't take mine hunting anymore as the excitement to disappointment odds ratio is almost zero. Sad but it's much better that way.


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                            Yeah it's difficult when the little ones end up disappointed. Its my nephew who I collect with, hes only 4. I only get to see him once a week and we will often call into atleast one shop to have a look for any new additions.. luckily he loves Hotwheels just as much as cars so if there's not any we need the disappointment is soon forgotten with new Hotwheels


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                              My birthday is coming up next month, and apparently my 4.5 year old daughter has been telling my wife that she needs to buy "a good Car for Daddy for his birthday". Specifically she's been asking where she can buy the Apple Car, I guess since I've always told her that's the one Piston Cup racer we'll probably never be able to add to our collection.