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  • Target price variances

    Now that I am fully involved on the hunt, I noticed a discrepancy in cost in two Targets I visited.

    In Target #1 which is closest to Seattle city center, yet still well on the outskirts Cars singles are $4.09:

    Then Target #2 which is just about 9 miles north of #1, Cars singles are $3.49:

    Perhaps the store manager #1 decided to increase the price due to demand? From my observation store #1 always has a handful (20-ish) common cars (Maters, Francesco's) on the pegs. Target #2 with the lower price is always wiped out unless they just put out a case.

    This is all pre-tax prices so in-city fees, out-city fees are applied after this stock cost.

    Does anyone else notice price differences within the same chain of stores in your area?

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    Yes, I have 3 different price ranges and these Targets are within 15 miles of each other. 1 of which is a Super Target and has the cheapest price.
    Another Super Target that is connected to a mall is at the 4.09 price. My 2 closest Walmarts usually have different prices as well.


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      All of my Targets are the same $3.49...however I took a drive last week about an hour away from me and they were $3.89 I think? But it was in a 3% tax zone as opposed to the 7% around me so not too big of a difference I suppose.


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        Mine are $3.49 or $3.74 depending on which side of Richmond it is on.


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          $3.49 everywhere I've seen around here...but I did see the price difference in San Diego as TopherDawg mentioned...


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            You know what? I have never actually paid attention to it, so I have no

            I know there is one guy on the CTT boards (maybe jamtrax?), who lives in an area where the prices are exceedingly higher than anywhere else I've seen in the US.


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              In the Chicagoland area I've seen $3.49, $4.09, and $4.79 ( I think or .89) the closer to and in downtown the more expensive.


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                Indianapolis stores are $3.49 and $3.89... some of the stores increased to $3.89 this summer but once Walmart lowered their prices from $3.88 back down to $3.47, Target lowered their prices as well.

                Stores tend to charge more in urban areas where the standard of living is higher.

                I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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                  both of my targets have always been the same price
                  currently $3.49


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                    Wow! This is eye opening; I actually (blindly) assumed all Target pricing were standardized.

                    Seems at least on the surface, (with our community's laser focus on a single product line), we are given some insight.
                    Again I am assuming, (a.k.a making an 'Ass-U-Me'), it looks like:

                    "Closer to the city" = "Higher rent" = "Higher merchandise cost"?

                    On average total receipt cost of course. I can't imagine every product is more expensive. If it were, its a 15-27% increase per item. Alas, they are taking out their rent woes on us helpless Cars fans...

                    Anywho...thanks guys. I thought I stumbled upon a weird pricing fluke. I guess not!