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Cars spotted in 2014 packaging (running list)

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  • Originally posted by yuffie View Post
    given the weird hybrid cards i think that site has taken the pictures from the ebay seller scavenger is referring to
    It's just a guess, but it could be that as there are two versions of the international cards, namely the European and 'other' international versions, then maybe the European cards or at least the UK ones will have World of Cars on them instead of Disney Pixar Cars?

    Maybe there was a mess up in production and early cards DPC instead of WoC and all later cards will have WoC on them?

    I'm hearing that the the 2014 singles will be on general release in the UK around week beginning Monday 13 January 2014.


    • seeing the back of the cardbacks on the "racing fans" series, surprises me :P of course Mattel would make cars that were exclusive at Target in the fan 4 packs into the race fans. :P
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      • Originally posted by Ferris View Post
        Just remembered this one from T5AD:

        Hopefully, this design is actually a prototype.


        • Oh, and I found Jonathan Shiftko in International Packaging.
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          • That looks cool. Thanks for sharing!
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            • Nice. Love the Audi, hope it's found in stores soon!