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Cars 3d Bluray review

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  • Cars 3d Bluray review

    I just watched the Cars 3d bluray and I have to say that it is really good! Definitely worth the buy on Oct 29th. Walmart usually has them for around $24 or so on release day.

    Some great scenes include the whole opening, especially when McQueen flies through the wreck and sticks out his tongue. Wingo's green flame really pops. All the rust on the cars really come out too. I saw a lot of details I hadn't seen before and I've watched the original bluray about 30 times and have seen the movie at least 50 times.

    I tend to think the animation blurays are where the 3d really shines. I rate this up there with The Lorax as one of the top 3d blurays. Disney did a great job on it. Ka-Chow!

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    I can just see it now... I buy the 3D version of Cars... and then drop a not so subtle hint that we need to pick up a 3D TV to be able to watch it... I wonder if there will be a special diecast vehicle with the movie.

    Thanks for the heads up, TopherDawg!

    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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      Thanks for the review Brian. I think I'll be picking this one up too. I'm sure my son will enjoy watching his favorite movie in 3D.