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  • Improvements to the site

    Hi Guys,

    The site has been active now for a few months.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to how this site could be improved? Any enhancements? Anything changed or removed?

    All ideas (reasonable ones!) are welcome

    Please post ideas / suggestions here. Alternatively if you don't want to make your idea public (for whatever reason), PM either myself, Rippers, cac1959 or pirelliboy.


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    I like the site. Can't log onto Yuku sites at work, so this and T5AD are the two I go back and forth between while I'm here. Since being introduced to this site, I'm impressed. We just have to get more people to use it.

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      I like the site allot
      my feedback is:
      1. I find the photo uploader hard to use. Maybe this is just me
      2. Do we want more members, or are we still on an invite only protocol?
      3. Not allot of trading activity, its is tough the cost of shipping to UK members. But maybe we can all try to make one trade with each other to build up both the feedback and the trade activity pages? This might incent more people to join?
      4. How about if we invite a new member and they 'join', under our avatar it tracks how many people we have reffered?
      I love the site and hope by years end we have over 100 people sharing and collecting togeather here


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        Hi cvc1968,

        I'm not sure what issues you're referring to by the photo uploader - I'm not sure I've used this so I'll look into it and get back to yuo.

        With regards to this site being "invite only" - that only applied to the first few weeks so that the bugs on the site could be ironed out. Feel free to promote this site and invite anyone you like

        I agree with what you are saying on the trading scenario, but I think that it's low becasue of a) number of members, b) people only need the hard to find items from Cars 1 and c) There's not many Cars 2 items that are that sought after yet

        I like the idea of tracking your introduction count - I'm not sure if this is possible, probably one for Rippers to advise on as he's the only one with Administration access to the site


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          0.o... Carbon Fiber appearing here there an everywhere :P The buttons on wall posts weren't displaying (I know i'm prob jumping the gun, and its being tweeked :P) - heads up


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            Only thing I can suggest is a bigger inbox in the mail section, and some sorta conversation box where you know what your mailer is on about...What i mean is were you can see your correspondence with whom your conversioning with...