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    In anticipation of the movie release this Friday (22nd) in the UK I've created a topic when you can discuss your thoughts on it at will.

    Please keep all Cars 2 movie discussions in this thread

    If you've not seen the movie yet and don't want any spoilers then DO NOT READ ON...

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    Just come back from seeing it, really enjoyed it and so did my wife and kids.


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      Just back aswell, and I can certainly tell all the UK folks thats its absolutely awesome.....Don't believe or take any heed of the negativity that some folks have spread about this movie, cause its all nonsense. Me my Wife and my three children thoroughly enjoyed it immensely and I'm looking forward to Tuesday for my 2nd screening. And for desert, I let the kids get scrum into the unopened cars 2 diecasts which there now up stairs recreating their favourite scenes....Brilliant


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        You made it then Paul!
        Just got back from seeing the film myself after a visit to Tesco too for a Finn McMissile for my boy.
        I, or should I say we, enjoyed the film but not as much as the first to be honest.
        The racing was awesome. I could have watched a whole Grand Prix. Engine sounds spot on.
        Totally different films with the first one having a nicer story which concentrated more on the characters than the action.
        Cars 2, I give it 7 out of 10.


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          Si, can't compare these movies side by side. Cars 1 is iconic and very thoughtful were as the new movie is all about the action and Mater.... If you can put the first movie to the back of your head, you'll really like this one


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            Glad to know that my UK friends have finally gotten to see it... My grandchildren and I really liked it, and so did my wife.

            You cannot compare the two though... the McQueen was the star of the first movie... Mater and to a lesser extent Finn are the stars of Cars2... The racing was the primary focus of the first movie with the development of McQueen close behind... Cars2 is a spy movie first and the racing is second...

            Here are some random thoughts that I'd originally posted on June 24 in the thread:

            Francesco - I definitely see Chick Hicks attitude...

            Lightning McQueen's Race Team - I definitely have a more favorable impression of and appreciation for the Radiator Springs Cars with the 95 logo on them.

            I liked the movie in 3-D... I definitely did not catch everything that was going on in the movie.

            Having seen all the trailers and read several of the books, I had a pretty good idea of what to look for... My grandchildren had not read the books, but did recognize the "Eiffel Tire" from the GeoTrax playset.

            I'd love to see Lights and Sounds versions of all 3 announcers: Brent Mustangburger, Darrell Cartrip, and David Hobbscap.

            Not many additional racers.

            The Pope/Popemobile and the Queen are awesome... going to be great looking and popular Cars.

            I've never seen so many Lemons in my life... I can see a 10 Lemon boxed set in the future...

            Lots of action... the racing is secondary...

            I definitely did not have the proper pronunciations for Raoul Caroule and Tomber (pronounced Toom bay).

            The critics may not have liked it, but we did...

            I am definitely interested in the autographed John Lasseter Director's Edition and may also get the Blu-ray DVD only version if it comes with a Blue Ransburg Finn McMissile that isn't available elsewhere... I may not see it again in the theater but that's only due to the cost for 5 tickets (2 adult and 3 children)... My wife won't want to see it again in the theater... and I'm not sure I'll go see it by myself.

            Do you think you'll go see it again in the theater? And do you now have an increased desire to find some more of the Cars?

            I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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              My 2 sons and I did not enjoy it as much as the first movie. Nothing can beat Cars1 opening speedway of the south race
              I found the plot was okay; and there was not allot of plot development in many of the characters
              I spent most of the time watching the movie and counting new cars and characters
              We saw it again, but both sons fell asleep half way through...


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                Went to see cars 2 with the wife and kids today and all loved it!!
                Headed straight after to toysrus to take advantage of the 20% of everything day and picked up some lego, 2 packs and the 5 packs as we havent opened anything prior to today so made sense to buy them at the discount instead of the singles.
                Came home and had a bbq while the kids played with their new toys on the picnic blanket. They are so excited still! My oldest wants me to buy 100 lemons and paint them different colours with him.

                Only part i didn't like was rod getting torched. Too many questions from the kids about what happened to him... All in all a very enjoyable film..


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                  Ps was it just me or did darrell cartrip look black in the movie but he's still silver in the 2 pk??


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                    just back from seeing the movie, yes I did enjoy it, but not a patch on cars 1, spent alot of the time looking at the background scenes, porta corsa looked superb and i,ll be going back next tuesday..
                    cars 1 - 11/10
                    cars 2 - 6/10
                    In SUMMARY
                    I think I was right all along by saying it was really just one long cars tune and I dont think i,ll still be just as fanatacal 5 years on a la cars 1,
                    I remember coming out of the cinema after the first showing of cars1 and saying "*&^%&$£" magic,or something similar, didnt say that this time.


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                      Going to see it for the third time next week. My daughter hasn't seen it yet, and my son can't wait to see it again.

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                        I finally saw the film last night - the only option was 3D which was my first film in 3D. To be honest I didn't really notice any 3D elements apart from porta Corsa which looked absolutely beautiful. My wife now wants to go there.

                        I enjoyed the movie - it's very different to the first one and in my opinion is not as good, but I'd give this film an 8/10 whereas the old one is 9.5/10. I enjoyed and welcomed the fact that the storyline was completely different.

                        I would have liked to have seen a litle more focus on the racing and a bit more on the racers (perhaps at the beginning when Petrov was introducing the racers, they could have shown them all) and I think they missed an opportunity to give cameo's to other cars from the first film (Chick and King could have been so easily incorporated as a quick interview or even as spectators). They did this with some of the Toons cars so don't understand why they didn't do it with some of the other main ones from the first movie. It was nice to see the tribute to Doc Hudson too.

                        I thought that the storyline was good and the animation was excellent (to be expected) and I picked the villain from an early point in the movie.

                        My favourite bit was probably when "Team McQueen" said "Pit Stop"...

                        Whilst watching I couldn't help myself notice how many different Mater's they could be in the die-cast collection. As the movie is set in multiple different places it's going to be very difficult to produce all of diaramas (although I'm sure samshiro will give it a go!) from the movie. I think I'll just try to complete Radiator Springs first.

                        I looked forward to watching the movie, and wasn't disappointed with what I saw.


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                          If you have to take a family vacation to Porto Corsa, MrB, that will definitely end up being the most expensive tickets to see Cars2 in the theater.

                          I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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                            we have seen it in the movies twice now, and watched a downloaded copy of the movie about 50 times now
                            my sons favourite parts now are the battleships and oil rig battle at the beginning, siddley the spy jet and the rockets Mater has
                            I have been 'asked' by my sons to hurry up and finish the speedway of the south diorama and build them an oil rig lol


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                              just watched my pirate dvd, it was russian!, well the voices were in english but for example the billboard in radiator springs was in russian (I think), also the car beside lewis hamilton was a white ,red and blue one!
                              On my original review I scored the film 6, I am now going to reduce this to a 5, because really it is pretty average and have picked out the cars that I will collect over the coming months/years. It pains me to say that the trailer "toys toons" was funnier.
                              Some of the dialogue is questionable, especially for young kids, eg "kill", "bomb", I would have thought alternatives could have been used,
                              And why o why did we not see the racers being introduced.

                              Of the cars released in the UK so far the only ones I have bought are mcq, francesco, ransburg tru mcq, acer, grem, jeff, raole, carla, a disney 1.43 mcq and francesco, an agent francesco, couple of books and stickers, nothing else in the shops appeals. I dont reckon too much of the whole range is selling, so i,m sure prices will come down, but even then
                              Have to say that the disney francesco is superb, the best item by far.