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Frank - coming in 2015 Deluxe case R

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  • Frank - coming in 2015 Deluxe case R

    Per Eli Davies of GetMeCollectibles... Frank is coming soon.

    2015 Deluxe case R

    Case contents:
    Red - x2
    Richard Clayton Kensington - x1
    Gray Semi - x1
    Frank - x2

    While Red is a repeat that we've seen many times in the last 2 years, Richard Clayton Kensington was last released in the Night Skyline series and Gray Semi was released in the Race o Rama series... While Frank was released in both the Race o Rama and Night Skyline series, it was one I saw in very few stores each time - stores were still stuck with old non-selling stock each time.

    Here's Richard Clayton Kensington:

    I have Frank opened as well as on both ROR and Night Skyline cardback... and I look forward to adding Frank on the new cardback to my collection.

    I wonder if this will be the clean version of Frank or the original "dirty" (dusty) version.

    Thanks for the heads up, Eli!

    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom

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    I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing this with us!

    (PS. MILESTONE-1,000th post!!!!!!)
    Kenny, age 13

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      Definitely hope the Deluxe series continues to be available in the UK as we have had this year!


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        Originally posted by cac1959 View Post

        I wonder if this will be the clean version of Frank or the original "dirty" (dusty) version.

        "Clean" Frank is only clean because he's an unauthorized production. No doubt the re-release will be like previous releases.


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          Ahh Frank.. good to see he's getting re-released again, I find him on a stroke of luck shopping at Walmart.. he's an awesome diecast.. but definitely hurt when I dropped him on my toe that one time.. :P
          "I'm a paderbuilt for dags sake!"