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Cars I'm hoping Mattel releases in 2015!

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  • Cars I'm hoping Mattel releases in 2015!

    Hey everyone, if you're like me then there are some cars that you really hope Mattel releases/ re-releases! I'm going to tell you the cars and planes I really want this year!

    Cars 1

    Bessie (This is one of the rarest cars released, and since Mattel released Frank, I think it is a slight possibility)
    Shifty Drug Hauler (I always liked this one, but it was so hard to find, since Kevin Racingtire "Shifty Drug" is being released this may come out)
    Vinyl Toupee Hauler (I don't think this one is very likely, but it would be great to see this one)
    Vitoline Pitty (I think this one is fairly likely, since Mattel is re-releasing a few of the pitties)
    Bud Luckey (It would be so cool)
    Syd VanDerKamper
    The Autobahn Society
    Clayton Gentlebreeze
    Bernie Banks
    That Yellow Lightning McQueen Fan Pickup Truck that was cancelled and never even got a name!
    Bertha Butterswagon
    Bennie Caliper

    Cars Toons

    Paki (I have Teki from a Walmart 3-pack awhile ago, but they never had Paki in a 3-pack)
    Tabinu (Not very likely, but I really hope so)
    Yojimbo (Again not very likely, but I really hope so)
    Stripped Kabuto (I saw this one a long time ago at Disneyland, but never picked it up)
    Rodney The Rocker (Fairly likely)
    The Drummer Pitty (Not very likely, but it would be very cool)

    Cars 2

    The Queen
    Taco Truck Mater
    Taia Decotura


    Van Der Bird
    Koyla Inaov
    Judge Davis and Roper Hanger
    Antonio Hanger

    Those are just some of the die-casts that I really wish Mattel would release/ re-release! I really don't think Mattel will release many of these, if any, but please tell me what vehicles you'd like Mattel to release/ re-release!
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    I like this topic a lot, COOLection TV - I'm going to add Cars I'd like to see Mattel release and I'm sure other members will feel free to add comments as well.

    Thanks for the post!

    El Materdor:
    El Materdor - never released in the US
    Chuy - I never saw it in a store
    Senorita Mia and Tia - this would be a great 2 pack but a 3 pack with El Materdor would be awesome.

    Tokyo Mater:
    Bye Bye Kar

    Private Eye Mater:
    Any Cars

    Moon Mater:
    Any Cars

    Radiator Springs 500 1/2
    Any unreleased Cars including Sarge and Fillmore which appear to be coming and Stanley Mater

    Bessie - very limited release
    Brian Parks Motors - never released in the US

    Official releases of new Haulers that we've seen prototypes of - this includes Vitoline, View Zeen,Gasprin, Easy Idle.

    Easy Idle and N2O Cola Crew Chiefs and Pittys

    Piston Cup Racers including Gask-Its, Revolting, Tow Cap, Faux Wheel Drive, and Mood Springs.

    Race damaged Piston Cup racers including a re-release of Race Damaged Mood Springs and The King and first releases of Damaged Leakless, and No Stall (would make a great 2 pack)

    Cars 2:
    Taia Decotura and Taco Truck Mater - unreleased in the US
    The Queen
    Josh Coolant

    Anything originally mentioned in the thread:

    I'll add additional replies as I think of more and add some photos as well.


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      who is the autobahn society? a german "self preservation society"


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        Two pack of Leakless and No Stall crashing would be amazing. One upside down on top of the other, that would be very cool


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          Originally posted by boogity View Post
          who is the autobahn society? a german "self preservation society"
          Never heard of them either.
          Looked it up, this is what I found:

          Cars Addict


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            have heard of them, the,re the bagatron brothers, must have 2 sets of names
            Originally posted by DiZz View Post
            Never heard of them either.
            Looked it up, this is what I found:



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              I agree, that would be awesome! I forgot about them! Thanks for commenting!
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                Joey Dundie

                I know there are a few skin designs out there for rochelle and tyonisis but although these post is somewhat old from 2015 I did speak to someone at disney recently and they said that the production company that produced the movie is no longer around/re-branded and there for is not going to re-release any planes. I have a large collection of planes diecasts and I am still looking for a few rare ones.