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Some new 2015 Planes I've seen on eBay!

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  • Some new 2015 Planes I've seen on eBay!

    Some one may have mentioned this already, but I thought I'd talk about this too. I was on ebay last night and I stumbled upon 2015 Planes Tysonitis and I noticed Planes is going to have collections like Cars. Now in the last few minutes I just found a Strut Jetstream Dusty. So far I've seen 2 collections, Nebraska Trials and Propwash Junction. I'm hoping Planes don't start getting like Cars where there are like 40-50 new characters per year! I don't know if I'll be able to get that many of them, especially when Planes are like 2 bucks more than Cars! It's not that I don't like Planes, but if I had to choose Cars diecasts or Planes diecasts, I would choose Cars. I don't dislike Planes, but most things about Cars are better. 1: Most Cars are smaller than Planes. 2: Cars are cheaper. 3: I've been collecting Cars for nearly 9 years now and I'm not going to stop just because there are more Planes characters now. Overall, I like the idea of having everything in a collection. It's a lot cleaner than just saying who each character is and not saying what scene they are in. They are also easier to find, but something worries me because if the Planes diecasts are each needing a collection, then that probably means that there will be a lot of diecasts coming. Please tell me any other 2015 Planes you see on ebay that are in these new collections and I'll make sure to post what I find as well!
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    Great finds on Ebay, COOLection TV! Yea, here is the Strut Jetstream Dusty:
    and Tysonitis:
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      You can check the latest releases as I have updated my database with several new models like Firebird, Pack Rat, Vasquez, Falco and other re-releases !


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        Great update David Vincent thanks!!
        And just so everyone knows these new Planes should be hitting stores soon. A few cases have been reported being found at Walmart already in the US. I know they are available to resellers like our site sponsor edavies aka


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          Thanks for the mention Scavenger! (our website) is a disgrace in and of itself as a website, so i would not go there, but you could check out our ebay items! The website is there to please the wholesale powers that be:-)


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            No problem eli...I actually have the link going to your ebay store