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    spotted this in asda for 3.50, the pack included magazine, issue 40, a sticker book, some stickers and a poster. there was also a little foil pack which contained another pack of stickers (the sticker pack was in spanish) and a little hard plastic car, i got luigi, not bad at all, there are 18 to collect, 17 of them are out in 1.55 but there is also the queen, you look good ma,am

    keep an eye out for these panini foil packs as they must be sold seperately somewhere.

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    I picked up one too and got Luigi also. Been looking for the 3D packs as they call them but never seen them.


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      if either of you fine gentlemen see a spare copy could you pick one up for me?
      my sons would love one


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        Picked one up yesterday and got a mini Max Schnell inside, he's cool. Also saw Disney Comic by Panini magazine vol 40 its the whole movie as a cartoon in two parts next edition is out 25th August. Really nicely done...


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          actually byron that 2 part mag isnt that good a value, as you can buy a story book version in the works for 2.99 I believe


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            Yep got that one aswell, £2.99 when Tesco sell it for £4.99. I'm after them all...