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    I'm moving this to the main forum General Cars Discussion.

    I haven't done this too often recently... namely because I haven't been buying many new Cars in 2016 as they haven't been available... so far I'm not buying very many new ones in 2016 - I have a total of 8 new 2016 Cars (Singles or Deluxe)... 10 if I count the Lizzie/Stanley Movie Moments... I do have duplicates of a few of them...

    There have been a few times that I've opened a Car (or 2 pack) because I couldn't find my opened one... and I almost always find the original opened one after the fact.

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      I haven't done that yet, but then I just started collecting. I made an alphabetical list on my phone though, just in case!
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        I've done this a couple times. Then I automatically give the new car to my son. I have a collection of my own which are nice. Then we have a collection together that he plays with.