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    New guy here. Was a Walmart and saw a neon Mcqueen and a Piston cup Mcqueen. Are these new releases or should I pick them up soon as they might not be back out? Thanks for any info. Kevin

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    The Neon line has been out for a while. It started at Target, then released at Walmart and Kmart. There's really no guarantees. And Mattel's distribution is a mystery wrapped in an enigma and smothered with secret sauce. My advice is if you see something at retail price. And you want it, or even may want it. Buy it then and there. Very rarely will you be able to get it for the same cost on the secondary market. And save your receipt if you change your mind.

    Hudson Hornet Piston Cup McQueen has been released several times. And is a bit of a peg warmer. That being said, he's around $6 shipped on Ebay. Neon McQueen $10.63 shipped.
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      I don't believe the Neon Racers ever made it to Walmart in mass quantities. This is the first time I've heard of someone finding them there.
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        Me too, Silver Racers and Ice Racers. But I trust he saw what he saw. Might be the next wave of Target repaints hand-me-downs.


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          Looks like I will go and pick them up tomorrow. Thanks for the info.


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            I have the mentality if I see something cool at a store I buy then and there. There is literally no guarantee you'll see it again and on ebay they typically for for 2x-4x what they're worth.