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where will the room come from

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  • where will the room come from

    when cars 3 comes out .will u guys keep on or give up?? if u guys are a MOC person. the room is going to kill u or do u guys put in storage of all your box sets??even as a lose guy here, the room there is for a display case is getting hard, i have fix my sons room where there is only display cases. pain in the butt for getting space for all are cars. good luck to all in cars3 in getting these cars.

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    Well for me, I think if Mattel can't finish the first film, totally mess up the 2nd, there'll be no retailers left to buy the merchandise from the 3rd. In the other hand, if they decide to implement the same format worldwide then YES I'll be collecting, even got a spare wall just incase.

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      I'm not sure yet what I'll do as far as Cars 3 diecasts are concerned... You don't believe me? I don't either.

      I can see myself buying 2 each of new Cars... 1 to open and 1 to keep carded... but as far as buying a Car just because it's been re-released on a Cars 3 cardback, I'm not going to do that unless it's a Car that I really like.

      I've got to get more display cases... I need to sell extra carded Cars that I bought simply because they were there and I "needed" a Cars fix.

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        of course i,m gonna collect cars 3, i,ll just make the room, anyone who says otherwise is deluding themselves or has her indoors sitting at their shoulder


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          I'd like to, but the tank is running of fumes. Just gonna have wait and see what happens.


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            I've put a lot of time and effort into my collection. I will most likely continue my collection as the new movie comes out. I'm excited to see what direction they go in. Originally I hated Cars 2, but in recent years I love it. Great movie. Cars never gets old.


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              It's the heart versus the head situation.

              We had decided that we won't be collecting Cars beyond the current 2016 series.

              That said, with the new Radiator Springs Classic cardbacks, being our favourite series, we'll continue to collect all of those.

              As for Cars 3, we have no appetite to fill any more rooms (and spend loads more money) so we'll either stop altogether or just collect the odd item like 3/4-Car Box sets etc.

              As we've not collected the Neon, Carnival singles, we did collect the box sets of those, so that maybe the way forward?

              We'll see! Heart or head?


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                all good stuff guys. it will be hard for me to stop no matter what.