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What did you think of Cars 3?

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    It's great they are back on track the destruction derby part was awesome... there are some great new diecasts out aswell.


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      went for a second time on tuesday night, lucky my mate came with me, had to use my powers of persuasion on him, the turning point was when I told him they was a car named after him...ron/ronald... fell for it ...hook ,line and sinker.. most pleased bout that ... tell you what , it was just as good the second time, plus there were a few things I missed first time around


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        My wife and I went to see it today. We absolutely loved it!

        Confession time - It was the first Cars film we had seen in the cinema!

        My wife is a big Pixar and general CGI fan, so she got Cars on DVD. When we got our first Blu-ray player (Panasonic) back in March 2008, it came with a free Blu-ray of Cars. It's one of our most watched Blu-rays (after James Bond).

        Although we already had Cars 2 on Blu-ray, we didn't start collecting Cars until early 2012. Better late than never!

        With Cars 3, we're becoming regulars at the cinema, that's three times in nine years!

        So far, we've bought four cars from Cars 3. Having now seen the film and loved it, trying to resist the temptation to buy more Cars might be too great!?

        We'll see ..........


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          I think the movie was great!

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