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  • Originally posted by rrudolphu2 View Post
    Do you have a list/checklist of this series cars ? No 3 packs are sold here in Chile, so I wil try to find some missing ones.
    Thanks !
    Shane Cooper made a post for 2022 Series 1 on the Aussie Mini-Racer FB page:
    shane's photo contains all the cars in that pack.

    Jack Dyer made a post for the 2022 Series 2 also on the AUssie MIni-Racer FB page. he shared this photo:

    and he wrote this about the pack contents.
    6x Dragon Lightning McQueen
    4x Dexter Hoover
    2x Night Time Ramone
    4x Ng Intersection
    4x Cigalert
    1x '64 RPM
    3x Larry Camper
    2x Mater
    3x Lizzie
    3x Carla Veloso
    3x Dinoco Hicks
    1x Siddeley

    that's all the info I have. There is also a foto of a very convincing Finn McMissle mini-racer floating around on the internet.. but we don't have any info on how that will be packaged and sold.


    • Originally posted by Tony Rice View Post
      Gale is #10, hope that helps.
      thanks for your help guys, itís for advice like this Iím glad to be part of the community! I now have Gale in my collection. Since the fist sighting of the 2022 mini racers, I have seen several of the series 1 2022 assortment in stores this year so far.


      • Found 2022 series 2 in shops today, got Larry Camper single, Lizzie, Carlo, Siddley and a bunch more!


        • Updated: Sneak Peak of 2022 Series 3 Mini-Racer Blind Boxes. Like Series 1 and Series 2 of 2022, this one also carries only 1 brand new release... It's rummored to be Jonas Carver, the No Stall NexGen #123 Racer ... No Stall is listed as the Sponsor, but it doesn't indicate whether it's a PistonCup Stock Car or NexGen Racer.. and doesn't list the Racer Name and of course is not actually shown. so take the Jonas Carver rumor with a grain of salt.

          4x No Stall No. 123
          1x Tex Dinoco
          4x Florida Ramone
          2x Fabulous Hudson Hornet
          2x Blinkr #21
          6x Dirty McQueen
          2x Sarge
          1x Mr. Drippy
          3x Tokyo Mater
          6x Todd Pizza Planet
          4x Mood Springs #33
          1x Faregame

          Also saw a sneak peak of 5 (and a rumored 6th) 3-packs for 2022.

          These feature the following new releases:
          1x Undercover (UPC:194735037513) Holly Speedwell
          1x Team Rusteze (UPC:194735037520) Rusty Rusteze
          1x Thunder Hollow (UPC:194735037582) SuperFly Derby Racer
          1x Team Dinoco (UPC:194735037537) Grey Dinoco Hauler
          1x Tuners (UPC:194735037483) DJ (confirmed and seen in the wild).

          There was another shown, but not actually listed on the..
          1x WGP (UPC:?) Raoul CaRoule - GRC WGP Car (maybe this is the International Adventure one listed below... no photo, but an actual UPC and description)

          Mentioned but not shown:
          1x International Adventure (UPC:194735037476)
          1x Derby (UPC:194735037568) (unknown) - it might be that this is a mistake in name... and this could be the WGP 3-pack..
          1x Airport Race (UPC:194735037506) (unknown) however with the Finn McMissle spy shots recently, he's rumored to be in this pack. (probably has Siddley as well.... and who knows.. maybe a lemon?)

          Update: I have the WGP, Team RustEze and Tuners 3 packs coming, so I will be able to verift the Raoul CaRoule info...

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          • Here is the spy shot of Finn McMissle that has made it's rounds around the interwebs....

            Spoiler: It's also been leaked that one of the upcoming 3-packs in May/June (Case S) will feature a 3-pack called Tunerz. Updated: here is the upc info: 1x Tuners (UPC:194735037483). Have no idea which or how many actual Cars 1 tunerz will be included in this, as no photo accompanied the listing. It would be awesome if it were at least 3 of the 4 Tunerz, but Mattel has not been that good to us since some of the early ThunderHollow Derby releases....

            Update: Can confirm that DJ is the only Tuner in the Tuner 3 pack.... Cars 1 LMQ and Mack are along for the ride in that 3-pack. Oh well.

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            • Folks,
              Just a heads up..... SamB hasn't been updating this thread for quite a while. And of course we can't edit the orignal post that has the Checklist.... So, I've begun maintaining the checklist in a spreadsheet like format here:

              It's on the Disney Pixar Cars MINI Collectors FaceBook Group.

              I'll keep it upto date there as I'm not able to upload the file here.


              • Just thought I'd add what I know of Mini-Racers Blind Box 2022 Series 4...

                4 new cars and all will be taken from the new CARS On the Road Disney+ TV Series. 2 dinosaurs (Anklyosaurus, Quadraquesar), 1 monster truck (Ivy Performer), and a Road Trip LMQ.

                Biggest disappointment is Chick Hicks will be released yet again... and he doesn't appear to be the once promised Metallic Chick Hicks, nor is he wearing an Hostile Takeover Bank (hTB) livery. c'mon Mattel.. it's just a few stickers on an already used mold...

                3x Ankylosaurus
                3x Rex Revler
                2x Ramone Epoligue
                2x Chick Hicks
                6x Bling-Bling Dinoco Lightning McQueen
                5x Luigi
                2x Ivy Performer
                2x Road Trip Cruisin' Lightning McQueen
                4x Tie-Dye Fillmore
                1x Quadratorquesar
                3x Muddy Cruz Ramirez
                3x Nick Shift
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                • Well, why not.... Couple more things to close out 2022 in the Mini-Racers...

                  New Amazon exclusive Tube Packs. They are mini-sets that feature 1 car, a mat, and some accessories. Only 1 of them contains an actual new release car:

                  Dino Park - PrimitiveLMQ 1st Primitive LMQ, Tyranamissisaurus (Plastic, not official mini-racer)
                  Piston Cup Race - no 1st looks Cars 3 Lightening McQueen, Guido (Plastic, not official mini-racer)
                  Radiator Springs - no 1st looks Mater

                  Note: really hoping those plastic cars that accompany these sets aren't a sign of what might come for Mini-Racers...

                  Rumored Dino 3 Pack:
                  Tyranamissisaurus (metal), Ankylosaurus, and Quadratorquesar

                  New 10 Pack
                  Gold Cruisin LMQ, Doc Hudson, Red, Fillmore, Flo, Purple Ramone, Luigi, Sheriff, Lizzie, Mater

                  New 15 Pack
                  Carbon Shu Todoroki, Fabulous Hudson Hornet, Chick Hicks, Radiator Springs Ramone, Mater,
                  Strip Weathers aka 'The King', Lightning McQueen (unknown version), Luigi, Salley, Carla Veloso, Jackson Storm, Cruz Ramirez, Blind Spot, Cigalert, Natalie Certain

                  Past patterns would tell us maybe we will see just a few more 3 packs before 2022 is up, but who knows?
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