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  • SamB2003
    started a topic Mini Racers Checklist

    Mini Racers Checklist

    Here is a checklist of all the Mini Racers that have been released so far. I hope you enjoy it!

    Wave 1
    01 - Lightning McQueen
    02 - Chick Hicks
    03 - Doc Hudson
    04 - Cruz Ramirez
    05 - Mater
    06 - Cal Weathers
    07 - Sheriff
    08 - Luigi
    09 - Murray Clutchburn
    10 - Jackson Storm
    11 - Ramone
    12 - Natalie Certain

    Wave 2
    13 - Florida Ramone
    14 - Fabulous Lightning McQueen
    15 - Dinoco Cruz Ramirez
    16 - Arvy
    17 - Dirt Track Fabulous Hudson Hornet
    18 - Sarge
    19 - River Scott
    20 - Dr. Damage
    21 - Tim Treadless
    22 - Louise Nash
    23 - Danny Swervez
    24 - Smokey

    Wave 3
    01 - Lightning McQueen
    02 - Mater
    03 - Sheriff
    04 - Dirt Track Fabulous Hudson Hornet
    05 - Cruz Ramirez
    06 - Jackson Storm
    07 - Cal Weathers
    08 - River Scott
    09 - Tim Treadless
    10 - Louise Nash
    11 - Dinoco Cruz Ramirez
    12 - Smokey
    13 - Arvy
    14 - Metallic Jackson Storm
    15 - Metallic Danny Swervez
    16 - Metallic Tim Treadless
    17 - Lightning McQueen as Chester Whipplefilter
    18 - Cruz Ramirez as Frances Beltline
    19 - APB
    20 - Jimbo
    21 - Doc Hudson
    22 - Ramone
    23 - Luigi
    24 - Sarge
    25 - Chick Hicks
    26 - Natalie Certain
    27 - Fabulous Lightning McQueen
    28 - Metallic Lightning McQueen
    29 - Florida Ramone
    30 - Flo
    31 - Murray Clutchburn
    32 - Dr. Damage
    33 - Metallic Dirt Track Fabulous Hudson Hornet
    34 - Taco
    35 - Faregame
    36 - Fishtail
    37 - Danny Swervez
    38 - Metallic Cruz Ramirez
    39 - Muddy Lightning McQueen

    Wave 4
    41 - Dinoco Chick Hicks
    42 - Metallic Ramone
    43 - Silver Natalie Certain
    44 - Glow Jackson Storm
    45 - Thomasville Cruz Ramirez
    46 - Metallic Dinoco Chick Hicks
    53 - Strip Weathers AKA "“The King”"
    54 - Silver Cal Weathers
    55 - Glow Tim Treadless

    Wave 5
    56 - Brand New Mater
    57 - Gold Lightning McQueen
    58 - Silver Tim Treadless
    59 - Sally
    60 - Leroy Heming
    61 - Bobby Swift
    62 - Fillmore

    Series 1 (Boxes)
    01 - Lightning McQueen
    02 - Mater
    03 - Sarge
    04 - Chick Hicks
    05 - Jackson Storm
    06 - Dinoco Cruz Ramirez
    07 - Sheriff
    08 - Faregame
    09 - Cal Weathers
    10 - Ramone
    11 - Tim Treadless
    12 - Red

    Series 2 (Boxes)
    13 - Smokey
    14 - Metallic Rust-eze Racing Center Lightning McQueen
    15 - River Scott
    16 - Luigi
    17 - Doc Hudson
    18 - Cruz Ramirez as Frances Beltline
    19 - APB
    20 - Taco
    21 - Danny Swervez
    22 - Flo
    23 - Natalie Certain
    24 - Fillmore

    Series 3 (Boxes)
    25 - Todd
    26 - Metallic Rust-eze Lightning McQueen
    27 - Strip Weathers aka "The King"
    28 - Cruz Ramirez
    29 - Brick Yardley
    30 - Bruce Miller
    31 - Conrad Camber
    32 - Sheldon Shifter
    33 - Heyday Smokey
    34 - Harvey Rodcap
    35 - Fishtail
    36 - Arvy

    Series 4 (Boxes)
    37 - Blind Spot
    38 - Metallic Dinoco Lightning McQueen
    39 - Florida Ramone
    40 - Sterling
    41 - XRS Jackson Storm
    42 - Dud Throttleman
    43 - Aaron Clocker
    44 - Paul Conrev
    45 - Louise Nash
    46 - Jack DePost
    47 - Dr. Damage
    48 - Leroy Heming

    Series 5 (Boxes)
    49 - Heyday Junior Moon
    50 - Muddy Lightning McQueen
    51 - Dinoco Chick Hicks
    52 - Rust-eze Cruz Ramirez
    53 - Buck Bearingly
    54 - H.J. Hollis
    55 - Artist Ramone
    56 - J.D. McPillar
    57 - Rex Revler
    58 - Murray Clutchburn
    59 - Metallic Miss Fritter
    60 - Cigalert

    Metallic Series - Metallic Fabulous Lightning McQueen, Metallic Cruz Ramirez, Metallic Jackson Storm
    Metallic Series - Metallic Dinoco Lightning McQueen, Metallic Cal Weathers, Metallic Dinoco Chick Hicks
    Cars 3 Series - Rust-eze Cruz Ramirez, Lightning McQueen, Jackson Storm
    Radiator Springs Series - Red, Mater, Ramone
    Radiator Springs Series - Cruisin' Lightning McQueen, Mater, Yellow Ramone
    Radiator Springs Series - Gold Ramone, Mater, Lightning McQueen
    Derby Racers Series - Mr. Drippy, Lightning McQueen as Chester Whipplefilter, Cruz Ramirez as Frances Beltline
    Derby Racers Series - Cigalert, Fishtail, APB
    Derby Racers Series - Muddy Miss Fritter, APB, Muddy Lightning McQueen
    Silver Series - Silver Strip Weathers AKA "The King", Silver Chick Hicks, Silver Natalie Certain
    Glow-in-the-Dark Series - Glow Thomasville Cruz Ramirez, Glow Lightning McQueen, Glow Luigi
    Glow-in-the-Dark Series - Glow Danny Swervez, Glow Jackson Storm, Glow Tim Treadless
    Rust-eze Racing Center Series - Metallic Sterling, Lightning McQueen, Cruz Ramirez
    XRS Racers Series - XRS Lightning McQueen, XRS Cruz Ramirez, XRS Jackson Storm
    XRS Racers Series - XRS Brick Yardley, XRS Tim Treadless, XRS Lightning McQueen
    Florida 500 Rivarly Series - Gold Rust-eze Cruz Ramirez, Lightning McQueen, Jackson Storm)
    Dinoco Wrap Series - Dinoco Wrap Sally, Dinoco Wrap Lightning McQueen, Dinoco Cruz Ramirez
    Dinoco Daydream Series - Metallic Strip Weathers AKA "The King" (incorrectly listed as Strip Weathers AKA "The King"), Metallic Dinoco Lightning McQueen (incorrectly listed as Dinoco Lightning McQueen), Dinoco Chick Hicks
    Rust-eze Wraps Series - Rust-eze Wrap Mater, Rust-eze Wrap Red, Metallic Rust-eze Racing Center Lightning McQueen
    "Next-Gen" Racers Series - Spikey Fillups (incorrectly listed as Ralph Carlow), Ryan "Inside" Laney, Jackson Storm
    Nighttime in Radiator Springs Series - Hydraulic Ramone, Flo, Cruisin' Lightning McQueen
    Sheriff Deputies Series - Officer Lightning McQueen, APB, Sheriff
    Piston Cup Rivalry Series - Lightning McQueen (Cars 1), Chick Hicks, Strip Weathers AKA "The King"
    Cozy Cone Motel Series - Radiator Springs Lightning McQueen, Sally, Mater
    Willy's Butte Race Series - Saludos Amigos Ramone, Fabulous Lightning McQueen, Dinoco Cruz Ramirez

    Variety - Metallic Rust-eze Cruz Ramirez, Lightning McQueen, Chick Hicks, Natalie Certain, Jackson Storm (Australian Big W release only)

    Variety - Metallic Rust-eze Lightning McQueen, Cruz Ramirez, Jackson Storm, Metallic Danny Swervez, Metallic Tim Treadless, Arvy, Dr. Damage, Mater, Ramone, Sarge
    Racer Series - Glow Dirt Track Fabulous Hudson Hornet, Cal Weathers, Murray Clutchburn, Danny Swervez, Ramone, Chick Hicks, Lightning McQueen, Jackson Storm, Tim Treadless, Mater
    Variety - Gold Jackson Storm, Ramone, Natalie Certain, Rust-eze Cruz Ramirez, Tim Treadless, Chick Hicks, Lightning McQueen, Smokey, Danny Swervez, Mater
    Variety - Gold Miss Fritter, Muddy Lightning McQueen, Fishtail, Faregame, APB, Cruz Ramirez as Frances Beltline, Arvy, Taco, Jimbo, Dr. Damage
    Variety - Steve "Slick" LaPage, Bruce Miller, Lightning McQueen, Fishtail, Jackson Storm, Harvey Rodcap, Brick Yardley, APB, Sarge, Arvy
    Variety - Road Trip Ramone, Jack DePost, Leroy Heming, Paul Conrev, Metallic Dinoco Lightning McQueen, Rust-eze Cruz Ramirez, Aaron Clocker, Mr. Drippy, Flo, Mater

    Variety - Metallic Rust-eze Racing Center Lightning McQueen, Metallic Intro Ramone, Jackson Storm, Smokey, River Scott, Louise Nash, Cruz Ramirez, Natalie Certain, Luigi, Chick Hicks, Cal Weathers, Mater, Danny Swervez, Sheriff, Doc Hudson
    Variety - Sterling, H.J. Hollis, Glow Jackson Storm, Glow Tim Treadless, Cruz Ramirez, Fishtail, Metallic Lightning McQueen, Silver Natalie Certain, Luigi, Chick Hicks, Cal Weathers, Mater, APB, Dr. Damage, Arvy
    Variety - Gold Chick Hicks, Lightning McQueen, Dinoco Cruz Ramirez, Jackson Storm, Mater, Sarge, Brand New Mater, Red, Fillmore, Sheriff, Flo, Doc Hudson, Ramone, Sally, Luigi

    Variety - Lightning McQueen, Danny Swervez, Cruz Ramirez, Dr. Damage, Ramone, Flo, Fabulous Lightning McQueen, Sheriff, Smokey, Silver Chick Hicks, Silver Cal Weathers, Louise Nash, Metallic Jackson Storm, Arvy, River Scott, Sarge, Murray Clutchburn, Tim Treadless, Luigi, Metallic Dirt Track Fabulous Hudson Hornet, Cal Weathers (Amazon only)

    Mack Transporter (old style box) - Lightning McQueen
    Mack Transporter (new style box) - Lightning McQueen
    Mack Transporter #2 (old style box) - Primer Lightning McQueen, Luigi, Ramone, Sheriff, Mater (Europe only)
    Mack Transporter #2 (new style box) - Primer Lightning McQueen, Luigi, Ramone, Sheriff, Mater
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  • FischAutoTechGarten
    New one spotted... Vinyl Toupee NexGen, I believe the racer is Zip Joltline, from the video games. I'm not sure. Anyway, he is part of a 15pack that we will see soon.... and yes... he is the only first look or new release in the 15pack. Hate it when Mattel does that. 14 duplicates that I will have to resell or gift....
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    Chase looks cool, can’t wait to find him and the other new racers.

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  • cac1959
    Those are some great looking upcoming mini-racers in your most recent posts, FischAutoTechGarten... I am definitely looking forward to those.

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  • FischAutoTechGarten
    I'll follow with 3 other spy shots (1 we've seen previously, but this has more details). and of course two others we can't get south of the Canadian border yet:

    2 spy shots of Chase Racelot VitoLine NexGen, George New-Win LeakLess NexGen
    1 surprise spy shot is Duke Coultier 70 Gasprin Legend Racer.. Hope this one is real! It would be wonderful to receive another Thomasville Legend car!

    Finally RoadTrip Ramone and Steve Lapage TrunkFresh NexGen

    (little spy shot of someone who got the Advent Calendar Cars early!)
    Chase Racelot VitoLine NexGen George New-Win LeakLess NexGen Duke Coultier Gasprin Legend

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  • FischAutoTechGarten
    Thought I had every mini-racer except the Available in Canda Steve Slick Lapage and RoadTrip Ramone. However, I've spotted spy shots and reveals of a few more... which brings us to 12 new upcoming Mini-Racers or 14 that I need. I will show 9 in this post and the others will follow (I'm limited to 5 fotos per posts).:

    5 new Ice Racers from Advent Calendar 2020, LMQ, DinocoCruz, HJHollis, JacksonStorm and Mater
    4 recently shown together cars. Brian Sparks Leak Less, Franceso Bernoulli Cars2 WGP, Flip Dover Intersection NextGen, JimReverick Carbon Cyber NexGen
    IceRacers: LMQ, HJHollis,DinocoCruz,JacksonStorm,Mater Brian Sparks Leak Less PistonCup Stock Car Francess Bernoulli Cars2 WGP

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  • FischAutoTechGarten
    I had someone with whom to split the BlindBox Case E (Series 5), but they didn't have the means at the moment. Hence, I'm trying to move them on Ebay. It's work. You compete only on price as others have their merchandise listed a week before you have received yours. Feels weird listing cars right beside Eli, whom I enjoy purchasing from very much! Might just close some of the individual listings and combine a few remaining new releases as a package deal..

    I will not buy a whole case again, unless I'm definitely sure that I'm going to be able to split it with someone. It's allot of money to spend when you really only need 6 of the 36 cars. However, when those 10-packs with Steve Slick Lapage and RoadTrip Ramone arrive, It will be hard to resist buying them, even though I will only need 2 of the 20 cars they contain. Why do we do this to ourselves! Jaja!

    Yeah, Sam's list is great! I love this thread!
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  • cac1959
    Great additions and photos, FischAutoTechGarten! Thank you for sharing - Get Me Collectibles got in the new 3 packs and more of case E mini racers - I ordered a case of each yesterday as well as an additional Metallic Miss Fritter - more to add to the package for my friend in Germany... Looking forward to them arriving hopefully next week.

    Thank you for updating the checklist again, SamB2003! I appreciate your efforts.

    I've been quiet the last week or so - PC problems at home... working on getting a new system up and running and figuring out how to copy over the data that I need.

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  • FischAutoTechGarten

    Received the Cozy Cone and Willy's Butte Racer Series 3-Packs that featured Radiator Springs LMQ and ˇSaludos Amigos! Ramone. Opened up right away.. I never save packaging, so this is a rare shot.
    SaludosAmigos and RadiatorSpringsLMQ

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  • SamB2003
    Updated 05/18/2020 with Series 5 boxes

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  • FischAutoTechGarten
    I've had the 2018 and 2019 Advent Calendars sitting around full of 10 cars I already have... I opened them up. Kept the non-car goodies (flags, toolboxes, etc) and pulled the cars to sell on Ebay.

    I had a look at Danny Swervez from my 2019 Advent Calendar and he is a bit different. Same molds, same country of origin... but definitely different. I'm posting a photo of Multipack Danny Swervez, Advent Calandar Danny Swervez, and Metallic Danny Swervez to show you all. I don't get excited over variants, but this is somewhat significant.

    Multipack Danny Swervez on the left, Advant Calendar Danny Swervez in the center, and Metallic Danny Swervez on the right. I think the second picture really illustrates the differences.... Again the metallic car is just there for additonal comparison...

    DannySwervezVariation.jpg DannySwervezVariations2.jpg

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  • rrudolphu2
    Thanks for the welcome Chris.
    About the codes, I think you are refering to Case Codes and not Base Codes.

    Last week I got a D case (or Series 1 or Wave A) and the case code was the one in the picture, but base codes are M46 thru M48.

    20200513_135019.jpg 20200513_173205.jpg 20200513_173243.jpg 20200513_173306.jpg

    Hope it helps.

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  • cac1959
    Welcome, rrudophu2! Thank you for contacting me via Facebook so I could update your PCD website status so you could post.

    And the A indicates the factory in Thailand - several years ago they had 2: A1 and A2.

    China factories were EA, EAA, EAB, etc.

    The Vietnam factory is identified by the letters SD

    In China and Vietnam, the production codes start with a 3 digit number which corresponds to the day of the year followed by a single digit for the year (no real way to tell between 2008 and 2018) followed by the factory code... I'm probably going to order a case of the Series 5 (case E) minis come payday Friday... I'll be ordering an additional Gold Miss Fritter to split with a friend in Europe... and due to USPS international shipping delays, the next package I send to a friend in the UK will go DHL or FedEx and not USPS.

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  • rrudolphu2
    Originally posted by FischAutoTechGarten View Post

    For reference.. Muddy Miss Fritter is stamped M09 on the bottom.... original Golden Miss Fritter is stamped M29 on the bottom... This new one is stamped N11... but so is Junior Moon, so I don't guess that means anything... Maybe it's a form of serial number for lot/production.
    Sure it is. Most Mattel products use that nomenclature nowadays. First letter is the year, and the other two numbers, indicate year's week, In the above code, N11 is 2020, week 11 (that is about mid of March). M bases are from 2019, L is 2018, etc.

    Originally posted by FischAutoTechGarten View Post

    Regarding my case... yeah, I'll sell the duplicates off really cheap...
    As eBay has blocked international sales to many countries (due USPS issues), can you let me know which ones do you have available to see if we can work somehing out ?

    Thanks in advance and happy collecting!

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  • FischAutoTechGarten
    So, I already have the original Golden Miss Fritter with the proper Gold pipes; I can't get too excited about this Metallic Fritter Variant with recycled gray pipes from the Muddy Fritter, body form Golden Miss Fritter, and different wheels. This one seems like a compromise.... Remember they had a normal Yellow Miss Fritter (not Gold, not Muddy) with silver/black wheels (not gold, not brown) that was part of an Amazon 10-pack that got cancelled. (I know I had it on back order forever). That's one I would have liked to have seen offered.


    Confirmed... this new one is called Metallic Miss Fritter. It will be interesting when I have them both in hand, I could see some folks combining muddy miss fritter and this new metallic miss fritter and making a plain yellow miss fritter with silver/black wheels and silver pipes..

    I have a tracking number on my package and it will probably arrive on Monday. When it does.. I will update this exact post with a picture of all 3 of them together..

    Miss Fritters.jpg
    Regarding my case... yeah, I'll sell the duplicates off really cheap...

    (I might keep a spare Junior Moon... toying with the idea of making an Eli Turnpike as it's the same Ford... but maybe now that Mattel has this mold, they could make an Eli Turnpike as it would just be other tires and a repaint .. Of course I always thought the same with River Scott.. that with a dremel kit and a solder gun you could make some convincing FloydMorgans, DukeCoultiers and cleaned up RiverScott cars. Modding mini-racers... yeah...I don't need yet another hobby... LOL).
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