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We have hit 60 members!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! New contest/prize idea

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  • We have hit 60 members!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! New contest/prize idea

    We have hot 60 members!!!!!

    Mods- we should have a contest
    Maybe some of us could offer up some extra cars as prizes for the 75th and 100th new member?

    I will offer up a custom Apple 2 car (on Francesco body- very cool!) as a prize for the
    75th new member

    My only condition is that the new member must post at least twice before the prize is awarded and they pay for shipping
    We seem to have allot of new members but not many regular posters....

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    It certainly feels like it starting to pick up

    A very great and very kind offer


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      I'd be happy to donate something, but I've got an idea that might drum up some more activity: What if we enter, say, members #60 -80(or whatever) into a raffle-type drawing, and for every post they get an extra entry. More posts= a better chance to win. Or am I getting too complicated?


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        ...or not. Either way, I'd be happy to kick in for the prize.


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          That's a great idea Conrad and a very generous offer (which we'll gladly accept)

          I think that Sodabear's idea is a better format in that it will encourage more posts, but it's a great suggestion from yourself.

          I think we should run 2 competitions simultaneously though - one for new members - i.e. member 60+ and then another one for the existing members (i.e 2 prizes)

          I'll have a chat with Rippers, cac1959 and pirelliboy about this and hopefully we can get somethign rolling soon


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            Idea we are obviously trying to spread the love here - why dont we have a little fun - mods please stick with me on this one!

            I agree it would be nice to give a prize to a new member and also think it would be a good idea to award the 'existing'.

            I got a cool idea so here goes, kind of confusing my self -

            we start a thread called 'Secret Send' - this means that all members who want to take part put there name on the thread by replying to it - we have a closing date. Once closing date approaches, all members who replied to thread get put into a hat and a draw takes place. for example -

            if the following people sign up


            draw takes place and goes as follows -

            mrbrownstone - sodabear
            bobbyjack - dumbleweed

            we then send each other a car of our own selection, a surprise shall we say?!?!?! so in example above, mrbrownstone would send sodabear a car and vice a versa!
            it wouldnt have to be a rare or expensive car, just a cool car to send a friend?

            what you guys think or am i being a complete idiot?


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              I like Dumbleweeds idea:
              I like it better if someone choses me and sends me a Frank or an El Materdor!!!!!


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                Chris's idea is good, but it wouldn't help to drum up extra activity on the board, except maybe in that thread. I do like it though, maybe we should do it around Christmas, Secret Santa-style.


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                  I agree with Sodabear - we should park DW's idea until Christmas but it should definitely be resurrected then...


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                    We should compile two lists. One list should have stuff that was released in North America that you guys in the U.K. and Europe are having trouble finding. The other list should be what was released in the U.K. and Europe that we can't find over here. We could all start picking these items up over the next few months and just do one big exchange right before Christmas.

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                      so are we postponing any contest until xmas; or is there an idea we can implement to drum up more participation and attendance?


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                        We'll be starting some sort of give-a-way registration within the next couple of weeks... Your team of moderators has been talking about it... details should be forthcoming within a week...

                        I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom