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Missing in Action - where are they, Mattel?

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  • Missing in Action - where are they, Mattel?

    While going through some things on my desk last night, I found my opened 2009 and 2010 Cars Collector Guides... Since it's been a very slow last 6 to 8 weeks as far as new Cars are concerned, I decided to look through them... There are several Cars that have been announced that have yet to be released... Here are the ones that have been pictured in the Collector Guides...


    #76 - Kori Turbowitz single... Kori was released originally on the Walmart 8 cardback... She later showed up in a Movie Moments 2 pack with Lightning McQueen... however, she has not been released as the #76 single.

    #78 - Timothy Twostroke single... McQueen's Fan was part of the Target Speedway 9 pack - $39.99 for 9 Cars with 4 of them new... today a multi-pack with 4 new Cars would be awesome... but the #78 single version of Timothy Twostroke has not been released.

    #92 - N2O Cola Pitty... this single pitty was not released... a few sets of the N2O Cola Crew set with Crew Chief and Pittys were available on eBay for awhile... $100 plus shipping was too steep for me... I kept hoping that they'd show up in Target once the HTB, Dinoco, and Leakless sets sold out... but that didn't happen... Sigh...

    #105 - Mood Springs Pitty single... Another pitty that was announced... the single showed up loose on eBay for awhile... and then... nothing... My friend Conrad (cvc1968) made an awesome custom of this pitty... and the crew chief...

    Mega Size:

    #12 - High N Low Ramone - never released in Cars... or as a Mega Size (Deluxe) Car... Cars2 single #19, Hydraulic Ramone, available in singles Case F and the Kmart 6 Collector event case, appears to be the same Car to me... I'd rather pay $3.99 for a single than $7.99 for a Deluxe... but what took Mattel so long to release this Car?


    #12 - Shiny Wax Hauler - we've seen this hauler in both the 2009 and 2010 Collector's Guides... and it has been listed for sale on the ToysRUS website... I happened to go to the Florence (Kentucky) area on April 1, 2011 for the State Farm Agents on a Mission World Tour a few weeks before Cars2 merchandise went on sale... I stopped at the local TRU store... I gave the item number to an employee who entered it into the computer... they had 6 of them in stock... Seems they couldn't tell a yellow Sidewall Shine with the number 74 from a green Shiny Wax with the number 82... I also had a friend order 4 of them from the website... and what came in the box you might ask? You got it - 4 Sidewall Shine haulers...

    From the 2010 Collector Guide:

    #132 - Wrecked Fabulous Hudson Hornet (Chase) must have been in a really bad wreck... because when you look at this photo... the Car has just vanished into thin air... There were rumors that it was going to be released in a sepia paint scheme... but sadly it appears to have just been a rumor that it was going to be released... Dang...

    #124 - Chase Van with Stickers with the actual sticker - in another great example illustrating a lack of quality control, 99% of these Chase Cars were missing the bumper sticker... I was fortunate enough to get the Chase Van with the actual bumper sticker on both US and International cardback... it's one of only 2 Chase Cars that I have not opened... Somewhere I have a sticker that GotFrank sent me that I am going to put on a fixed eye Van... Dang you again, Mattel!

    Toon Singles:

    #25 Sanban and #26 Tansou... they sure look nice in these photos, in my opinion... they'd look even better in stores, available to purchase... Sanban looks a lot like it could be a green version of Chuki... and Tansou looks like a nice Toon that I'd like to have in my collection as well...

    Toon Mega Size:

    #7 - Daredevil Lightning McQueen with flames... never made it to release... #8, Daredevil Lightning McQueen without the flames did... I like the flames and I like the facial expression of #7... I'd like it even more in one of my display cases.

    #13 - Kabuto with flames... Kabuto was a single... Stock Kabuto was a single... evidently just adding flames wasn't enough to make this a Deluxe (Mega) Size Car... I've seen photos of a few prototypes of this Car... but that's it...

    #15 - El Materdor without Hood - El Materdor with hood never showed up in the US... it was very limited in the UK and in Canada... Maybe they felt they couldn't release this Car without hood since we didn't see it with the hood... I don't know about that... but I do know I'd really like to find this Car in a store... or in a case...

    #18 Moderfied Mater - This was a great Car in one of Mater's Tall Tales... it must have been a tale - it never was released... I know I speak on behalf of lots of collectors and/or kids... we want this Car!

    I know that there are other Cars that were announced... we saw photos of many of these at an SDCC convention... or in the Cars exhibit at the Petersen Museum in LA... or in UK Cars Magazines (I have several issues)... or loose eBay auctions... If Mattel wants to get people excited about Cars again, they'll release these Cars (and others) that we've seen in photos... if we're excited about Cars we'll share our enthusiasm with friends... and they'll be filled with Cars enthusiasm... and stores will sell Cars inventory and order more... which means Mattel will sell more Cars to stores... which means more money for Mattel... satisfied customers are happy customers... Satisfied Cars customers are repeat Cars customers...

    Come on, Mattel... let's get these missing Cars out in stores so we can buy them...

    Thanks for reading...

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    nice one chris, excellento, just proves that mettel are a right shower...


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      After Cars 2 has its run, I heard they will merge the 1:55 lines into Cars World. This will include diecasts from Cars 1, Cars 2, and Toons. Perfect time to release these Cars.

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        very interesting read again,thanks.
        was'nt there a mater with cone teeth somewhere on that booklet or am i just imagining it.have'nt got 1 opened and i can't remember know where i saw one.


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          Nice! I would love to see Moderfied Mater but it looks like that image is just a Mater with Photoshop and no protos were produced of them...


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            Thanks for the comments, friends... I'd heard that Mattel might start releasing Cars, Cars2, and Cars Toon items under the "Cars" label as well, bobbyjack... but if I remember right it was supposed to happen before Christmas 2011...

            The Mater with Cone Teeth was Deluxe Car #22 on the hi-res poster on the website... I'm trying to remember if that same online poster was also released as a printed poster... I have saved a .PDF copy of the poster.

            I don't recall seeing a prototype of Moderfied Mater - there are only a few Cars from the Tokyo Mater Tall Tale that have not been released... I think we're more likely to see the Mater Cars than some of the others.

            And I'm not sure why I posted this here instead of in the Articles section of the board...

            I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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              Wow Chris, you are really an expert!! I would love to see these missing cars released too.


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                I would like to add some of these to my collection


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                  im in the middle of making a custom Modefied mater - good fun - will post the results if you promise not to laugh lol


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                    Looking forward to seeing your moderfied Mater, Junior...

                    Timothy Twostroke as released at retail in the Target 9 pack and the 2014 single is different than the one shown in the first post.

                    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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                      knowing this only ticks me off over Mattel more. They have a lot to finish up on (the haulers, pitties, crew chiefs) and seem to have a lot more to start with! I enjoy collecting but not afraid to say I despise Mattel with a passion over how they handle the cars production
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                        Originally posted by cac1959 View Post
                        Looking forward to seeing your moderfied Mater, Junior...

                        Timothy Twostroke as released at retail in the Target 9 pack and the 2014 single is different than the one shown in the first post.
                        the one in the picture never looked like Timothy anyways then what came out.. whether they scrapped it or are holding it until they figure out maybe another "character" to call him, who knows
                        "I'm a paderbuilt for dags sake!"


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                          Nice run down Chris!
                          By the way when they get to a single release of Kori Turbowitz. Make sure to put mirrors on her this time like she's shown in that pic. So far no release of Kori has side\wing mirrors.


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                            wow...great topic! wow, what's this Timothy! As i am a newbie collector, i ve missed all cars 1 diecast...and my knowledge on cars 1 is....very limited...close to zero! Thanks chris!
                            I need this collector guide! :P
                            My collection:


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                              Another to add to the MIA list...

                              I know Corp Kim was released (not that we saw the Toons over here but..) but whatever the hell happened to Andy Gearsdale???