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Some Cars I hope they make into Diecasts -

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  • Some Cars I hope they make into Diecasts -

    I was watching Cars 2 (again) and I found some Cars they could make into diecasts or *chase* cars -

    Holly Shiftwell With Valuable Dent (Seems like it would be a chase)

    Tubbs Pacer

    Tubbs Pacer With Purple Paint Stripe (Seems like a chase car)

    Francesco Fan Mater

    Impound Vladimir Trunkov
    (Looks like it would be a chase)

    Grem With Helmet

    Alexander Hugo With Party Hat

    Miles Axlerod With Popped Hood

    Compacted Leland Turbo (Perfect Chase Car)

    WGP Porta Corsa Italy Security Guards

    London England WGP Security Guards

    Tokoyo Party Cars

    Airplane Guide Pitty

    Sleepy Car

    Nigel Gearsly's Pittys

    Tied Up Professor Z

    What do you guys think? These Cars seem like they would be great diecasts..

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    Definitely! A few are already scheduled - two or three Tokyo Party Cars as well as WGP security van!


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      my favs would be fan mater, the british racing green pitys and the mondeo rossers


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        On youtube theres a vid of a compacted leland and its not in chase packaging

        edit: from browesing on google images, i think the youtube is a fake
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          There are definitely lots of Cars that they could make... I think we all want to see new Cars in stores...

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