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What is your most rare Cars item?

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    There'll be a v2 coming in the next few weeks...


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      Sweet custom Mr. B! I had the idea for a PCD custom a while back but it was just a distant dream. You get the props for actually doing it!


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        The rarest car I own is the one my son gave me for christmas, lightning mcqueen with rusteze can, he purchased it with his pcoket money so means the world to me!


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          these two have to be my rarest cars 2 buys


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            For the rare cars is all of cars1 and some cars2 that I have a hard time to find them for last year and today.


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              I love the PCD custom, MrBrownstone... can't wait to get one of my own...

              Yes, the CTT custom racer is a great Car, GotFrank... I would like to obtain one some day... I like all my GotFrank customs as well...

              I have 2 Cars Cares customs which are one of 10... and I forgot about my El Materdor, and Easy Idle Crew Chief and unreleased Pitty, Apple Semi, and autographed Darrell Cartrip on World of Cars cardback... and many International carded Cars on Supercharged, World of Cars, and Race o Rama cardback.

              Great story on the McQueen with Rusteze can, dumbleweed... 3 years ago my wife found an extra Transberry Juice and View Zeen from the first Kmart event two months after the event and bought them for me... my grandson Austin also used his pocket money a couple of years ago to buy me a new Car and that was wonderful... if we can teach our children (and grandchildren) that thinking of others is good we've taught them an important life lesson...

              Great photo of the Security Cars, yuffie... I've not seen either of those in stores (or several other Cars from Cars, Cars Toons, and Cars2)...

              You mentioned some great Cars too, CarsCrazy and MrBrownstone... Chuck Choke Cables, Stu Bop, El Materdor, and Brian Parks Motors were never released in the US...

              Thanks for your posts as well, JBMoore, sodabear, gipsy, and djjd21... you've definitely mentioned some hard to find Cars...

              Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this topic... it was not my intent to leave anyone out...


              I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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                My most rare cars are:
                Supercharged Sally as she is my youngest favourite car, and I remember all the times he played with her and the stories he made up
                A beat up and well played with custom Apple car; my oldest favourite car. At the time he thought it was named because of the fruit, and it was apple powered
                Easy Idle Crew Chief
                a rare factory Gasprin Cab
                a rare factory pink chick hicks from a good friend (this is the most valuable car to me)
                a rare factory Apple cab
                a custom Tank Coat hauler
                a silver chrome apple car with decals

                I have others as well like Frank, Bessie, RDMS but those are only 'rare' to me because of their street value
                The ones that are rare and I hope to find one day to complete my Speedway of the South race track diorama are the Mood Springs Pitty and the N20 Cola Crew chief and Pitty


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                  Well, my most rare cars must be (what I call) my holy trinity I guess ...

                  I've got these 3 gems from an ebay seller a while ago for less than $70 shipped to Belgium.

                  all factory made , NO customs.

                  AND ... my home made customs wich can be seen here
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                    Those cars are sweeeeet, PMcQ! I've got the purple/blue bling bling McQueen and wish I had the other two. That was an epic score for seventy bucks!


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                      The Holy Trinity strikes again....I will always envy you for that score Peter.

                      Great story Chris! I also value my Bumper Save and Shifty Drug rubber tires cars because my sister bought them for me as a gift. That is when I started to seriously collect cars and came across places like this. That is also why my user name is Bumper Save (because it would be wierd to be called Shifty Drug)


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                        Rarest car and most valuable is my Snot Rod Confetti - only about 100 in existence. But my most treasured rare car is my SOTS set with the authentic Apple car in it.


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                          I would say it has to be my Short Card ROR Yellow Rimmed Mario Andretti.....only one known to mankind!!!

                          ALL the other normal ones have the red rims.

                          Still willing to sell it for $1777.77 (with FREE shipping)

                          I am a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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                            I posted this on another board but wanted to get feedback from here as well. I have broken down my collection into 3 categories:
                            Extremely Rare - value more than $100 USD in most cases on the open market, very limited production quantities and very hard to find, high demand, name recognition amongst collectors as one of the most highly sought after items. Cannot be unique whereby there's only one in existence (i.e. the ONE Ransburg doesn't make the list, nor do factory molds, etc). Also no backdoors and customs allowed.

                            Medium Rare - value between $50-$100 on the open market, limited production quantities but not as hard to find as the Extremely Rare category

                            Mildly Rare - worth less than $50 on the open market, easier to find on ebay - will cost more than a common but not a huge expense

                            So here's my Extremely Rare list.
                            1) Speedway of the South Set
                            2) 2006 Factory Sealed Set (although trying to recover my money cause it arrived damaged and I will have to buy another at some point)
                            3) Snot Rod w/confetti
                            4) Fred no license plate
                            5) Tokyo Mater w/oil stains
                            6) Brian Parks
                            7) Chuck Choke Cables
                            8) 3 Showstoppers (Laverne, Rhonda, Sheila)
                            9) Bubba
                            10) Bessie
                            11) Frank the Combine
                            12) Blu-Ray Mcqueen
                            13) Vertical 3 pack Sparemint
                            14) Supercharged Flea and Flik
                            15) D23 chrome McQueen
                            16) Combat Ship
                            17) French promo Gask-its
                            18) Motorama
                            19) JL Surf Truck

                            Here's my Medium Rare list:
                            1) Flash
                            2) Long Ge
                            3) All 3 Luigi / Guido with paint rollers cards (US, International, and Canadian/Singapore)
                            4) Dirt Track Doc Hudson vertical 3 pack
                            5) Horizontal 3 pack Sparemint
                            6) 3 Cousins (Jud, Buford, Cletus)
                            7) Mia/Tia 1:18 - 5000
                            8) Race Damaged Mood Springs
                            9) Sally w/Cone on short ROR card
                            10) Snow Day Sally storytellers
                            11) Hank Hallsum
                            12) Meet at Flo's set
                            13) Horizontal 3 pack Nitroade Crew - US version
                            14) Lightning Storm McQueen from SDCC
                            15) Suds Mater from SDCC
                            16) Van with Sticker on rear Nice Butte
                            17) Supercharged Rusty and Dusty
                            18) Dexter Hoover checkered flag
                            19) Frosty

                            Here's my Mildly Rare list.
                            1) Todd Pizza Planet
                            2) Milton Calypeer
                            3) Retro Ramone
                            4) Vertical 3 pack Shiny Wax
                            5) Vertical 3 pack No Stall
                            6) Mama Topolino
                            7) Leland Turbo
                            8) Faux Wheel Drive - French Promo
                            9) Patooka
                            10) Mini on ROR card
                            11) Polly Puddlejumper
                            13) Horizontal 3 pack Bumper Save

                            Please critique my list and let me know if you have some more items to add - especially if they fall into the top 2 categories I listed.
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                              here's a few more i can think of for you.

                              1.vinyl toupee (UK promo car)
                              2.dragon lightning mcqueen with no oil stains
                              3.character 6 pack with rollin bowlin mater
                              4.character 6 pack with lizzie


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                                I"ll add the Meet at Flo's 7 Car boxed set... I've looked for it off and on for 6 months...

                                All 4 of the original TRU playsets were rare - Flo's V8 Cafe, Ramone's, Radiator Springs Curio Shop, and Luigi's Casa Della Tires... since Flo's is now out on the Radiator Springs Classic series and Ramone's has been reported as well on that cardback, they may not be as rare... I'd like to see more of the 3 packs.

                                Are the Nitroade and Bumper Save sets you mention the Team Crew Set 4 pack with crew chief and 3 pittys or the Team set with hauler/racer/pitty? Those were both very rare in both of those formats.

                                I think the Tunerz on any cardback but especially the Desert Back and Supercharged ones as singles and in boxed sets are rare.. and several of the Supercharged boxed sets were fairly rare, store exclusives, and are hard to find today... there were many of the Walmart 4 packs (Black Friday 2010) at stores, but they all seemed to disappear fairly quickly after going unsold on Black Friday.

                                I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom