Earlier this month, September 2021, my wife and I spent a week in Orlando, Florida on vacation... she thought it would be a good idea to get the Park Hopper passes that allow you to attend as many of the 4 Disney parks as you can each day... We went to Hollywood Studios and Epcot Center on Tuesday, and Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom on Thursday...I needed the day in between to recover - my Health app on my phone shows I took 24,000 steps on Tuesday and 26,000 steps on Thursday.

I was looking forward to Hollywood Studios the most... however, I was very disappointed in the Cars area... I was hoping it would be similar to Cars Land in Disney Land but it was not....

Here are pictures from the Lightning McQueen Racing Academy in Hollywood Studios:

The view from the front of the line, waiting to get in:

From outside the building:

Next was the life size DJ:

Next was the life size Dinoco Cruz Ramirez:

Lightning McQueen was the star of the show... it was a very short presentation.

I had hoped there would be a Cars themed ride or stores with Mattel Cars merchandise for sale... there was no ride, and there were a few Disney Store boxed sets.

My favorite part of Hollywood Studios was the Star Wars area... we did not ride the Star Wars rides because they recommend people with heart conditions or high blood pressure not ride them.

My favorite park of the 4 was Magic Kingdom - I would go back to Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom again one day...

And I did take a Lightning McQueen with me on our holiday (vacation)... I also bought a Pixar Fest Ramone at the one Target I went to and met in person jestrjef, a member of PCD and a Cars buddy I've traded with many times going back almost 10 years.

I still would like to go to Cars Land in California... and I still would like to move to Florida when I retire in a few years, but would like to be closer to either the Gulf or the Atlantic.