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Tutorial: How To Ship Packages Using Paypal Shipping

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  • Tutorial: How To Ship Packages Using Paypal Shipping

    Thought I would throw a little tutorial together for some of you who may be new to shipping. The following tutorial will show you how to use Paypal Multi Order Shipping. Don't let the "Multi" part fool you, you can do a single order.

    First go here:

    If the pop-up does not pop-up that means your pop-up blocker blocked it but you will see another link now to click if the window does not open up.
    You should now see this window:

    After clicking the Create button you should see the window in the pic below. Now enter the order info which I believe may be optional, but I like to put something in so when I look back on my order I can remember what i sent.

    Next enter the Shipping Details. If you have a box 13oz or under then you may use the First Class option which will save you $$$. So the key here is to get boxes as small as possible and trim some of the inside flaps to help get those oz's down!

    Then enter the Ship To Info

    The next tab should already be pre-filled with your address..I erased my info but you will see yours when you get to this tab.
    You will also have the option to leave a message for the recipient in the last tab. Hit the Save And Close button when done.

    The pop-up window should now close and you will be at the screen below. Highlight the order you just created and the price and info will come up along the right side.
    As long as all looks good you should now click the print button on the left side.

    At this time you will have the option to change the mailing date and review again before commiting. If all is good highlight the order and click the Pay And Print button.
    After this it will process your order deducting the total of the label from your paypal account.
    Then a pop-up window with your label will appear and now you simply print and affix the label to your package.

    You can always go back to your orders using the history tab if you need to reprint.
    And within the history when you highlight your orders you will see the tracking info as well.
    And I highly recommend you get yourself a decent scale, I got a digital on eBay for under $20 that does the job very well!
    The paypal prices for shipping are a discounted rate from going to the post office! Sometimes saving you a couple dollars, so I highly recommend this process to all!

    You can also use the USPS website which is a little more user friendly to ship but they do not allow for First Class or Media Mail on there site. This is where the Paypal shipping pays off the most!


    Hope this helps, and if you have any questions let me know!
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    Nice job Jim.

    Now you need to do one for the other side of the Atlantic so we can trade transatlantically lol


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      Yeah I suppose I should have mentioned this was for the US only. Do you guy have Paypal shipping options over there??


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        Ha no worries mate. In all likelihood there is but I would have zero idea as I've never used it.

        I tend to package then pop to the post office and weigh it and get price for shipping.

        Maybe done of the other uk members have done so and can do one?


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          Great work Jim! I use it all the time and have walked a couple people through it. Now I will tell them to check this out!


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            Thank you for providing this wonderful tutorial, Scavenger... I may try it for a first class package one of these days.

            I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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              Thanks for this Jim, was looking for an alternative to ship first class packages and remembered you posted this a couple of weeks ago.
              'Multi-order Shipping' was not an option on my account tools but a quick search for that phrase on the top right corner did the trick. (After first use it now appears as part of my account tools options)


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                Just ran across this too! Thanks so much for the info!


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                  No those who look at this and think its way too complicated, its much easier then it looks and once you do it once or twice you can bang out labels very quick! And the money you save as opposed to taking the packages to the post office will really add up! Also your mailman should be able to take these as well and save you a trip to the post office all together!


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                    I just used this for the first time this morning - I created and printed labels for 12 Silver Frosty winners... it saved money and time at the post office.

                    I've been printing out Priority Mail shipping labels at for years - this was the first time I'd created First Class shipping labels, and it won't be the last.

                    Many thanks, Scavenger!

                    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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                      Some folks have been having a tough time finding the link to start the process so i added it to the tutorial...
                      Go there and then click the multiorder shipping link towards the bottom of the page