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  • Doctor Who Titans vinyl figures

    Alright, you guys have been helpful in the past when I've been trying to track down non-Cars toys for my kids. Now I need to see if anyone can help me track down a "toy" for me. I've been collecting a few of these Doctor Who vinyl figures for a few months. They come in blind boxes, but they're relatively easy to track down on eBay as well when I don't want to leave it to chance. However, occasionally there are exclusives to different toy shows or cons and also Hot Topic (sort of a Spencer Gifts-like store, without the adult items) gets a few. Luckily, the Hot Topic exclusives are stickered as such making them easier to find. There are a couple of Hot Topic stores in the malls in the Raleigh/Durham area and one that's a 45-minute drive from me, but none of them have the guy pictured below. He's the 10th Doctor with a Hawaiian Lei. Others include the 11th Doctor w/fez (found two of him already) and another 10th Doctor missing his hand, but the Hawaiian one is the one I really want. There have only been a few eBay listings for him, as well (which is where I swiped the photos). If any of you guys happen to be at your local malls for any reason, if you don't mind looking in Hot Topic for me then I would appreciate it a whole lot. Each store usually has a whole wall section dedicated to Funko Pop Vinyls and assorted other blind box figurines. They also scatter the merchandise throughout the store and usually even have a Doctor Who area with t-shirts and other toys. Thanks again for the help!

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    Still looking for this guy, just in case any of you guys are fighting the cold weather stir-craziness by heading out to your local mall.