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  • Error Cars (pic heavy)

    Most people know that I love collecting error cars. I wanted to start a thread for people to post their error car pictures in. I have a lot and I would have just created a thread in the Collection forum but I want this to be inclusive of everyone's errors and not just mine. I want to see what other people have as well. Enjoy!

    Missing Eyes

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    Upside Down or Backwards

    Finn McMissile should be facing to the right in the package

    Sheriff is backwards in package

    Fillmore should be facing the other way in package

    Chick Hicks should be facing the other way in package

    Prince Wheeliam with label underneath the package

    My favorite error car with 4 errors! Francesco in the package doesn't match cardback with Luigi/Guido. Also Francesco has no eyes. Also Francesco has some sticker on him from the factory that says 330. And lastly the name tag label is all messed up.

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      The "missing eyes" Ramone just looks like he's sleeping. Awww.


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        AAAGGGH! They can't see where they are going!


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          Cars With Wheel Problems

          Left front tire should have silver hubcap

          Missing both front wheels

          Left rear tire should match the other ones (silver)

          Right front tire should be silver like the other

          Left rear tire is for regular Mater and should be silver for Brand New Mater

          Missing both front tires

          Nitroade with wrong front tire

          Emmanuel bus missing back rear tire

          RPM left rear tire is wrong
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            Cars With Paint Problems

            Notice white paint on right front quarter panel that shouldn't be there

            Notice thumbprint of white paint on left door of Lizzie. Also roof top has white paint.
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              Cars With Sticker (Tampo) Problems

              Snot Rod is missing the black striping that goes around the car

              King is missing his side sticker showing the number 43 on his left door

              Tractor has an extra eye

              Sally has her license plate sticker on her left door instead of on her rear bumper

              Cruisin McQueen is missing the white stripe needed on his left door

              Guido has 2 pair of eyes (double sticker applied by mistake)

              J Curby Gremlin is missing his pinstriping tampo around the car

              Snot Rod w/Flames is missing his black tampo striping around the car
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                The only error car I have is a Chase Chick Hicks w/ The King's Piston Cup.

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                  Other Miscellaneous Errors

                  Cartney Brakin missing his lightning bolt accessory in the package

                  Tissue Paper on Right Rear Wheel (and underneath car as well - I need to add a pic of that)

                  Vitoline Pitty with the Wrong Tool Box (tool box is blue and should be with Easy Idle Pitty)

                  Victor Hugo car in package, with Mater as the cardback, and Cactus Lightning McQueen as the front name tag

                  Holly w/Screen in package, with Mater as the cardback, and RIP as the front name tag

                  Petey Pacer in package, with Mater on cardback, and RIP as the front name tag

                  Blister bubble for Raoule is misplaced on the cardback

                  Blister bubble for Doc Hudson is put on diagonally
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                    FFM missing the little green francescoimage.jpg


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                      cac1959 Error Cars

                      I'll post photos of error Cars in this thread...

                      I traded a Mood Springs launcher (with the Mood Springs launcher) for a Mood Springs launcher with the Nitroade launcher:

                      Ghostlight Doc Hudson:

                      Mislabeled Kmart 3 racers:

                      I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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                        These are great! I can't believe some of you think you can identify the person from the thumbprint on Lizzies door? Ha!

                        I don't have pictures right at the moment, but the 3 error cars i have are:

                        Hooser Boon ( with upside down license plate )
                        Kmart RT King ( Paint all over hood messed up and around that area/ possible scratches...)
                        Celine Dephare ( Backwards in package. )

                        Ka-Chigga, Ka-Chow, and Ka-Ciao! - DjB


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                          Carslovers Error Cars

                          No Eyes Dinoco MQ Desert Card

                          Darrell Cartrip with wrong tires

                          Paint Mask LMQ with whitewall tire on wrong side

                          Mater missing the glow in the dark lamp
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                            Carslovers Error Cars Part 2

                            Sherrif labeled as holiday hotshot LMQ

                            Nurse GTO labeled as orderly pittys

                            I found all my errors in the wild except dinoco LMQ without eyes
                            I got him off e-bay
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                              Popemobile, on the 4-error package, what does the rear of the cardback look like? Is it an International card like the nametag would indicate? If not, you could almost say there are 5 errors.