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    Hi does anyone know if there are any rare or hard to find cars from cars 3?


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    Depending on your location, some cars might be harder to find then they are in other locations, but here's a list of Cars 3 cars that are pretty hard to find everywhere.
    Cruz Ramirez as Crazy 8 Frances Beltline SUPER CHASE
    Morgan Martins SUPER CHASE
    Brian Spark
    Floyd Mulvihill
    Steve Carski


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      thanks I live in the UK, I have a car called fish tail and leadfoot? I can also get Cruz Ramirez as Crazy 8 Frances Beltline SUPER CHASE, a little more expensive than other cars but I'm trying to find a few rare cars to keep for my sons when they grow up. not for value but just for something to put in a memory box so to speak. thanks for your information it is much appreciated

      thanks G
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        Aussie McQueen has given you a pretty good list of what might currently be considered rare - Brian Spark and Floyd Mulvihill are rare at this time as they've only been released as launchers and distribution has not been widespread yet... The Steve Carski hauler has just come out and I'm not sure if it's been found anywhere else but Canada as of now... The Toys R US Deluxe Scott Tiller is also considered rare as of now as are the rest of the Toys R US Radiator Springs Classic singles.

        There might also be a few Cars that appeared in boxed sets as "first look" that have not yet been re-released.

        Long term, the 2 Super Chase Cars are the ones that are most limited.

        For a memory box, I'd recommend main characters such as Lightning McQueen (maybe as Fabulous Lightning McQueen), Cruz Ramirez, and Jackson Storm - not rare, but important to the movie.

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          So far the Cars I've found to be rare and hard to find. Are those that aren't readily available. And the ones that I cannot find. Except on eBay where they're all "rare" and "HTF".


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            thanks for your reply guys, yes I have noticed that all cars on ebay are rare or htf! Thanks again for the advice its much appreciated.



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              No problem Jellybeans! The Next-Gen Racers 4 pack (contains Flip Dover, Steve "Slick" LaPage, Barry DePedal and J.D. McPillar) is also extremely rare.

              Thanks for your feedback about my list, cac1959! I didn't include the new RSC cars because most of them are pretty common in Australia.


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                My rare C3 item has got to be the Floyd Mulvihill launcher.