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  • Tesco Clip Strips

    I have found these in almost every Tesco's I've been in.. even the smaller ones that don't sell toys.

    There is nothing new thou to get excited over in Case A apart from maybe Jeff Gorvette as he is slightly harder to get at the moment.

    The cards are the same as the US clip strips with no hook built in and English name plate on the front and pictures of other characters on the back

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    The return of the Tesco clip strip... I remember when you found the Kmart 1 plastic tire racers and Sally with Cone at clip strips at Tesco...

    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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      I am getting a bit fed up with the single cases already, this just adds to the pain. And it doesn't look good for the next few months with large case quantities of LM, Mater, Finn and Francesco set to be in all of the cases with only little space for a few new ones. Mattel really have not learned there lesson!


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        know what you mean, it made a nice change finding a load of lentys up the street in the wee tescos, planked a chick hicks, - dont even think about going up there to find him ru5ty ru5teze!


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          Ah late,,,,Na only bouling I got the chase guido YEHA


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            I found the same in my tesco's and asked the staff if I could open the box. This is what was inside. I added another Jeff Gorvette to my collection. Nothing else new but one Luigi & Guido and one Raoul Caroule
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