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Ever heard of a Super Chase case?

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    The other one was what, 11 Takeshis? And now this one is 9. Presuming that Mattel's kept their count at 4000, that 20, by itself, is already half a percent of worldwide distribution of that character spoken for in 2 hauls.


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      Nice find on the McQ and Francescos!!!

      Ka-Chigga, Ka-Chow, and Ka-Ciao! - DjB


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        Wow! Great find. Congrats!


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          Originally posted by All4Mase View Post
          Thank you. I'd be curious to read about the other time you have heard of this. Could you post a link?

          As for what we are going to do with them... We really aren't 100 percent sure we are willing to part with all of them. We will be posting up a want list in the trading section and kind of see what gets offered. I know our main goal is to expand our base collection of Cars that we wouldn't mind opening and letting Mason play with. So trading for other SC cars is out. We might get rid of half of them, and save the other half for when we want some of the rarer stuff down the road when our 2 year old is older and can appreciate the value of something. I'm pretty sure we are looking for the harder to get stuff that isn't in the 2013 collection because I will most likely find those myself. Anyways, Amber or myself will post that up tonight when we get a chance.
          Yeah as jcamdenlane stated the other find was by a hotwheels collector, it was at kmart and he found 11 Takeshi's and a bunch of LMQ's. He didnt give much more details other then they were on the pegs in the middle of the afternoon.


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            omg! Great find! Luckyman!
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