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    Given that we are around five weeks from Christmas, the Cars in the UK is in a sorry state.

    Disney Stores - After a brief restock of 2018-2019 Cars, they are getting a second batch of the first 2020 case.

    Smyths - They appeared to have o/d'd on the Metallic Marilyn case! Lots of them in all stores!

    ASDA - I have only seen a couple, but many reports of European clip strip Cars including Kurt.

    Sainsburys - Reducing toy section. Cars 3 mostly only available through Argos!

    Tesco - Had a few 2018 cars last time I looked.

    Morrisons - Nothing?

    Toymaster and Entertainer - A few sale items!

    Bentalls - No longer stocking Cars as Mattel UK not promoting Cars any more!

    Hamleys - Had a few 2018 Cars. Said that Mattel UK haven't got any so is that the end in the UK?


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      still think tkmaxx is worth regular checks


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        Recent search (this weekend, black friday) in Tucson Arizona area for Cars (1:55 and MiniRacer):

        (I only collect mattel metal mini-racers,but I'll share my observations).

        BestBuy: checked out two stores, no CARS inventory of any kind whatsoever. (the help told me they just had them... so perhaps they were pulled from the shelves to make room for Black Friday merchandise).

        Target: seems to have a growing selection of 1:55 cars... set aside in their own distinct section.... the Mini Racers contained nothing new whatsoever, at least nothing released within the last 4 months. they still have a ton of the 21-pack with Gold Chick Hicks.

        Frys: modest collection of 1:55 cars. For Mini Racers, one Fry's had the blind bags with 1 package left. Never bought a blind bag before, so I did just out of curiosity.. It was River Scott.. Now I have 3 of him. Another Frys had the Mini Racer blind boxes.... kind of hidden away... older collection.

        Walmart: continues to have a good selection of 1:55 cars. The mini-racers contained the new/recent 3-packs: XRS (yardley/treadless XRS), NexGen (CarLow/Laney NexGen), and RustEzeWraps (LMQ, Mater, Red) and a good stock of the more popular 3-packs released throughout the summer.

        I haven't checked any Kmarts, JCPennies or Sears. We don't have any Toys R US here... (they are just being supplied by Target anyway)...

        So, I bought nothing from any stores (sans the River Scott blind bag). I could have bought two of the 3-packs, but in my impatience I already grabbed them from Eli the week before.

        So maybe that's it for MiniRacers for the whole Christmas season? Two new 3-packs? The 8 new cars available in the blind boxes? Maybe I'm whining... that is 12 new cars after all... LOL. I was hoping we'd see the other 14/15 promoted/rumored mini-racers that haven't been seen in the wild yet.


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          I found this listing that contained 5 completely new Mini-Racers on Ebay. Cars are:
          • Aaron Clocker
          • Dud Throttleman
          • Paul Conrev
          • Blind Spot
          • Jack dePost
          I bid early, but gave up as now the price for the cars and shipping is about $80... way way too much for me for just 5 cars (there are 6, but I already have Yardley).
          This auction is from a Ebay France. The seller gives little information other than Car names, but does show pictures of the packaging (with no numbers visible).
          The are Blind Box Mini-Racer cars... Teh boxes however are BLUE... I"ve seen Red (older), Yellow (more recent where I got ShinyWax for instance)... So what Wave/Series/Case is this new BLUE Blind Box with?

          Update: the auction finished up at about $120usd for purchase+shipping. And no, I don't own them.
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