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Show Us Your Favorite: Pointless Mini-Racer

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  • Show Us Your Favorite: Pointless Mini-Racer

    just what the title says... sometimes the toy manufacturers release a car so pointless you are dumbfounded... however, that dumbfoundedness reaches a new level when you purchase said pointless car.... So in your opinion, what Metal Mini Racer did Mattel release that you deemed utterly pointless, but purchased anyway?

    I'll start:

    Silver Tim Treadless. I counted all my metal mini racers: I had 92 of the 93 available (don't have Primer McQueen; he's spendy). Then, realized a custom McQueen with Impound Boot was part of that 92... So I really only had 91 of the available 93 metal mini racers. But who was missing? I looked at photos, videos, lists... Then it hit me, I was assuming Silver Tim Treadless was the same as Metallic Tim Treadless. They are not. But the differences are pointless. Can't see why this Silver version was produced?? Well, Eli had one for $3.95 on Ebay, so I bought a few miniature cones and a few other bits to get my bill up to $15 for the free shipping.. and boom... in a week I owned a pointless Silver Tim Treadless. So, I'm upto 92 now... still waiting to find a Primer McQueen that I don't need to give my left lug nut for.

    So, there's Tim Treadless normal, glow in the dark, metallic and silver.. and there is nary a difference between any of them.... but then again Silver Tim has the different eyelids and tires...
    Tim Treadless normal, glow in the dark, metallic and silver
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    Great write-up and photo comparing the 4 Tim Treadless Mini Racers, ODwyerPW! Thank you so much for sharing with us... I'll have to decide who mine is... I've only opened about 6 of them... I never bought 10 packs, 15 packs, or the Amazon 21 pack so I am missing some of them.

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      Thought I'd update this thread, as I've obtained the newest Tim Treadless car, an XRS variant. So, I'll post this photo of all 5 Tim Treadless mini-racers. Tim has no speaking parts at all in the Movie, though he does crash. and we have five, very similar, mini-racers for him. (though admittedly this XRS version is very different than the others (eye expression, gas cap, colors, wing)

      Meanwhile, and pardon the Soap Box Moment:

      "we have no Guido, who's credentials don't need highlighting and no Junior Moon Mini-Racer. Junior Moon is significant as he's a caricature of Junior Johnson in many ways: 1. shares his name. 2. ran moonshine.. Junior Johnson sells a Moonshine. Junior Johnson had 50 Nascar wins and used the drafting technique that is so common now and is taught by Smokey to an aging, slower, LMQ in the Movie. Junior Moon is a great inclusion in the Legends that appear in Cars 3. We really should have a Mini-Racer for him... .In fact we should have two, becuase we definitey need Nash, Scott and Moon appearing in their new paint jobs compliments of Ramone.

      So there you have it... why I consider my obscure Silver Tim Treadless as pointless... when we lack more prominent cars like Lizzie, Guido, Rusty Rust-Eze, Dusty Rust-Eze and Junior Moon. Although not a fan of adding allot of reporter cars to the MIni-Racers, a Darryl CarTrip car would be nice as he would compliment Chick Hicks and Strip Weathers very well as is a great tribute to racing legend Darryl Waltrip, just like Junior Moon is to Junior Johnson."

      Soap Box Moment over. Here's the foto that includes Tim Treadless XRS w/ Silver Tim Treadless and the other variants.