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Show Us Your Favorite Mattel Metal Mini Racer Fab 5 Sub-Series Car

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  • Show Us Your Favorite Mattel Metal Mini Racer Fab 5 Sub-Series Car

    Mattel has a habit of introducing sub-series for the Mini-Racers and stopping after 5 cars. So, I've gathered these togehter and we will call these Groups the Fab 5 Sub-Series Cars.

    They include:
    Gold Series
    Silver Series
    Snow Racer Series (2020 Advent Calendar)
    XRS Series
    Dinoco Dreams Series
    Wraps Series (Dinoco and RustEze)

    Some of my listings might be controversial (like Dinoco Livery Cruz not appearing amongst the Wraps... cuz she's not a Wrap... it's her new Dinoco Race Livery that she appears in at the end of Cars3). I didn't include the Mettalic or Glow in the Dark Series, because... well there are more than 5 of them. LOL.

    Anyway, which car is your favorite amonst all of these special cars amongst the Fab 5 Series?

    I have several. One of which surprises me.... I have grwon to really like Silver Tim Treadless (previously, I started a thread about it being the most useless mini-racer..) and I like HenryJames Hollis with the snow spray and snow packed wheels. The Brick Yardley XRS and Carl Weathers Dark Blue Mettalic look better than there standard versions (my opinion, your mileage will vary).
    Special Series Cars.

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    If anything, this thread is a good visual to illustrate the money some of us spend on unnecessary cars to complete our collection.. Just look: LMQ represented 6 times, Chick Hicks 4 TImes, Cruz 3 Times, Storm 3 Times, etc...

    That said... there are those among us who still want to see Silver LMQ, True Dinoco Blue LMQ (I have a custom), Big Red with Snow Spray and Snow Packed Tires, Luigi and Guido as Rust-Eze Wraps (yeah, we'd like to see Guido in any form!), a Green Mettalic Chick Hicks (I know, not a part of the Fab 5 Sub-Series), a Glo and a Mettalic Mater (again, I know not a part of the Fab 5 Sub-Series) and most definitely a Hey Day Metallic River Scott all prettied up (even if Wendell Scott never raced cars that were particularly nice to look at) and a Jonas Carver XRS Racer (right after we get the standard NexGen Version.... because the XRS series needs a sharp metallic red car as badly as the NexGen series does!)
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      This has changed a bit... There is an additional RustEze Wrap Car (Ramone), an additional Dinoco Dream (Dinoco Bling LMQ), an additonal Silver Series (Silver Radiator Springs LMQ), three additonal Snow Racers (Flo, Luigi, Red). But the big addition is another Series.... Doesn't number 5 yet.... but I suspect it will. Not fond of another unnecessary sub series.... Racing Red... Featuring LMQ, Salley and Mater... Shown here with just some of the others... The only thing I like about the RacingRed Series is they used New Mater as the mold.... Feel like they missed an opportunity when they did not do that with the RustEze Wraps (but I guess they were really sticking to the Cars3 Credits depiction).