Show Us Your Favorite Mattel Metal Mini Racer Replacement. This is where either a Legend, Legacy, Classic, StockCar or NexGen racer was replaced or replaced another car for a Sponsor. I'm just doing this for the Mini-Racer.

I have a photo that shows a few examples where another Car has replaced a Car for a Sponsor. ( I don't count Cruz finishing the race for LMQ as a replacement, because he appears to have remained the Rust-Eze car where as Cruz became the new Dinoco car... the photo shows what I'm talking about).

I like the Revolting Cars.... spans a Legend (Leroy Heming), skips classic, but picks up again with a Piston Cup (TJ Castlenut) and NexGen (Aaron Clocker) car.

(obviously the Apple Cars are JoJo Customs.. Mac I-Car and JP Drive, and yes they are out of order in the photo... oh well)