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    definitely Dracula Mater! "I want to scyphon your gas!"
    "I'm a paderbuilt for dags sake!"


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      I would say my favorite is the Mater with Hood Lenticular Chase.
      Kenny, age 13

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        Originally posted by cac1959 View Post
        Nicely done, DeceptiCog72283... There are very few Cars I'd take away from one of my grandchildren if they thought I was giving it to them.

        And here's hoping Mattel will release the Private Eye Mater Cars in the 1:55 scale... I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd like to add them to my collection.

        Moderfied Mater is another one I'd like Mattel to release... it appeared in either the 2009 or 2010 Collector Guide...

        Keep your favorite Maters coming... at the end of the week I'm going to do a random drawing from all who posted in this thread... and allow that member to select the next character to feature in Show Us Your Favorite.
        I know this is a Mater thread but Big D, what an awesome looking car. Come on Mattel what's the problem?!!


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          that 3 pack is just fantastic, it is my fav of all, all 3 are superb and the fact that they are 1.43 make them stand out, dont think a 1.55 would do the cars justice at all
          Originally posted by DeceptiCog72283 View Post
          I dont have a picture of him loose and my son seems to have misplaced it so I can't take a loose picture...but my favourite Mater:

          Mater Private Eye!

          I originally bought this set to keep in my collection...only to see my son unwrap it at Xmas...apparently there was some mis-communication going on and my wife thought it was for our son. I wasn't going to take it away from him so it's his now LOL.

          (also includes one of my favourite molds ever with Big D)