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  • New member from Australia!

    Hi all,

    I am a huge Disney Pixar Cars fan from Australia and together with my 5 year old son we have been avid collectors of the diecast series.

    Funnily enough I have only just discovered this fantastic forum base!

    In the meantime I've had a quick search around the different forum pages and would like to get more of an insight and understanding on series availability, here are my questions

    1) Is there a guide to let you know what is included in each of the lettered Mattel boxes?
    2) Are they any known release dates on specific series or cases?
    3) Any useful or recommended links I should keep an eye on?
    4) Are they any trades or purchases made between other members here?

    It would be great to also know of any other Australian collectors here to share all sorts of info.

    Looking forward to hearing from you all

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    G'day mate....

    In answer to your question:

    1) It depends on the series. We do have some lists but not extensive ones. We've probably got most of the data somewhere on here so we should probably pull it all together. We did start to do this but "fell behind". Also, the case letterings between the US and Europe (not sure about Australia) started to differ. I'll have a think about a solution
    2) Sometimes we get an idea, but this differs between nation and region. Even with the UK being small sometimes stores in the South get certain cases whilst stores in the North get others. Keep an eye on the "Recent Finds" posts to see what's being found in stores
    3) Take5aday usually posts useful information when it's available. There are also a few other Cars forums (although this is the best :-p)
    4) Absolutely. Check out the Trading boards (Wanted, Trading and For Sale) further down the menu


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      Welcome, cheekyage... It's nice to have another new member from Australia join us... MrBrownstone has given great information in answer to your question.

      We need to work on the lists when we get the chance but life gets busy.

      From eastern Indiana... Chris

      I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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        Welcome Cheekyage, there are a few Aussie members on here including me. Australia gets the same cases as the USA so case A,B,C,etc will have the same contents in both countries usually.
        However not all cases come to Australia so you have to trade/buy overseas if you want to collect them all.


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          Welcome to PCD! You will love it here. Please let us know if we can help


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            Welcome cheekyage, in my opinion all you need to know about Cars diecast can be gleamed by checking these four sites:

            PCD is primarily an international site with several of your compatriots from the great land of Oz. (Some of my favorite people the Australians!) Cheers, good on ya & pass me a beer mate! There is a lot of good info to be found here. I think for all new to collecting folks. cac1959 aka; Chris, Mr.Carter or just Big Man provides a wealth of knowledge in his "Respect the Classics" articles. And as mentioned recent finds. Plus there are a lot of friendly people here to help if you have questions.

            CTT is one of the original online references to collecting Cars diecasts. It's been in operation since 2006. Here you'll find an extensive set of case lists. As well as running tallies of released models. And their (dirty,dirty) variants. Primarily composed of U.S. members. But all are welcome. Including scalpers, due to it's info CTT often attracts "flippers". Those folks looking to make a monetary gain by knowing when to buy low & sell high on ebay. But there is trade feedback so you can see who's helping who. And who's just there to make a buck.

            Take5 Is a blog primarily run by Metroxing it's a good source for what's coming up. As Mattel often leaks news to Met. Since it's a blog (mostly, there is a later added forum section) most of the critical info can be found in Met's posts.

            The last resource and it's a slippery one... Is ebay seeing where in the country\world new releases are being found. Or seeing which models are coming out the backdoor in China can be helpful.

            PCD trade sections are here:
            For Sale

            And welcome again to PCD, hope you find what you're after!


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              Hi! Welcome!


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                Welcome to the PCD Party! Betweein Mr. B and Frank, I think they have covered all the bases! Good job guys!


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                  Welcome aboard!

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                    welcome cheekyage


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                      Thanks so much for the warm welcome guys!

                      I can't wait to get amongst it all and participate



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                        Welcome Cheeckyage. Lived a couple of months in Australia, Ozzi rules and I really miss it! From which part of Australia are you from? I lived in WA


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                          Ps - what does PC Card stand for? (Excuse my newbie- ness!)


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                            Porto Corsa card. It's the package from 2011-2012.


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                              Welcome cheekyage! Glad to have another Aussie onboard & hope you enjoy this wonderful place as much as we do