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  • Cars and planes collectors from Russia

    Greetings to all on this forum. I am from Russia. I collect cars three years. It's certainly not a long time, I think, for this subject. But it is what it is. Today in my collection of over 800 cars and planes (yes, model planes, I also collect). I want to share my thoughts about this hobby.

    Can we seriously apply to toys? The question is, at first glance, is rhetorical. But if you think about it, the answer is obvious - yes. As a minimum, the toy - this is one way for a child to become an adult, modeling their reality, controlling it. So, creating toys, we help children acquire the skills they need in adult life. But is maturing, we ourselves cease to be children, who continue to play with toys, only more expensive and bigger? What is life? The game! People play games forever. Consciously or not, are playing. And it's not bad. The main thing is simply not play too long and not run away from reality, but rather by means of games to learn to make this a better world and to reveal their creative abilities.

    And who of the boys did not play with cars? Many people still play by collecting model cars and giving it own time. And who of the boys did not enlivened cars in their fantasies and do not make them soul? Probably everyone did. PIXAR and artists brought their imagination to visualize and real project. I think it will not be wrong if I say that this idea has touched the hearts of serious adult uncles almost less than baby boys' hearts. And, continuing the theme of adult games, it is worth remembering that many, and uncles and aunts, seriously collect toys. And there is such a joy for adults (and not) boys - die-cast model cars from the original animation project talented artists.

    And so, at first like how to buy one or two cars son himself peering at them. Then a little more and a little more. So long as he is not drawn into the game. And here you are like a real collector studied the history of the event, delve into the details and nuances. And there are all the attributes of the game. In general, symptoms similar to that present in the philatelists and collectors of dolls and figurines.

    So it all began. Now this is big collection of which I want to tell, and to find like-minded people.

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    Youtube Channel RCcars5 | Google Plus Community Disney Cars & Planes Community


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      welcome to pcd from texas


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        Welcome to PCD!
        Kenny, age 13

        Visit our diecast Pixar Cars and Planes priceguide and checklist:


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          Thank you all! I am very pleased to be here.


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            Hey there, this is Eli, welcome!
            I have been in contact with Sapfir for about a year. Very nice guy!


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                Thanks, Eli! Glad to meet you here.


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                  Welcome to PCD, Sapfir! It's great to have you here with us... I enjoyed your introduction... I've been collecting since early 2007... my grandson outgrew Cars (and Planes)... but I didn't... My wife used to hope that Cars was just a phase I was going through... but now she knows that it's not.

                  Be sure to check out the various subforums.

                  I look forward to seeing pictures of your collection... and again, welcome... from eastern Indiana... Chris

                  I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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                    Welcome! I have never seen an introductory post with such a deep thought like that. Impressive!

                    I don't think I've met a collector from Russia online before. You might be the only one! I'm looking forward to helping you with your collection if I can! Myself and many others are willing to ship internationally for sales and trades to help grow your collection.

                    from Pennsylvania USA, Spencer


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                      Thank you, Chris! I am honored to be here.

                      I really think that the collection of pixar cars - is more than just buying toys for our children. The uniqueness of this collection has manifested over the years, as it was with the brand HotWheels. Cars - this is a brilliant idea of Pixar artists and John Lasseter personally in the creation of this extraordinary world.

                      You know, my wife, too, at first laughed at my new hobby, seriously considering it's only for the sake of his son. But now she herself supports me morally in the development of the collection, and has no doubts about the seriousness of my hobbies. Son all that interesting, but he's not ready yet serious about cars, which can not get out of the blister and play them. We have to buy him a duplicate for toys.

                      Thanks, Spencer, for your feedback on my entry. In Russia, in fact, to my great regret, this issue has not yet received widespread. I know many people who buy cars for their children, but have not yet met the collectors. From this a little sad, of course. But thanks to the Internet, today it is not a problem. Although, I hope that I personally just do not know yet about those who collect cars in Russia except me. And thanks for the offer of help in filling the collection.


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                        I'm sorry, I have not introduced properly. I will try to fill this gap. My name is Pavel. I am 38 years old. Also pixar cars I collect the models of USSR cars in 1:43 scale, as well as models of Ferrari on the same scale.
                        And I apologize in advance for my English. I speak to them, but not as good as we would like. So Google is helping me in the translation.

                        As for the photos of my collection, my cars yet still packed in boxes. I plan to make a dust-proof cabinets for display models. Do not want to clean the dust every month with 800 machines.
                        Also, I plan to make an online encyclopedia of cars and a blog with a detailed description of each model.

                        And while that will show a few my pictures of cars. The entire collection will be captured in the same quality.


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                          May the Fortune of the Hunt Be With You Jeff/


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                            Whoah, that's a nice camera!

                            If a person is not playing until the day they die. Then they have missed out. Imagination is where the best things in life come from. Play = joy = kindness = peace.

                            Welcome to PCD, hope you find what you're after.
                            Great introduction.


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                              Nice pictures! Nicest-looking Russian car I've seen since I saw Mikhail Aleshin race at Pocono. He's a cool guy, he follows me on Twitter, so he made a fan in me. he's the only Russian Indycar driver for those who don't know