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  • Spotlight on..........jonj

    Next up in the spotlight is the man on the forum with a great name (although I may be slightly biased!)

    Ladies and Gentlecars...... jonj

    2. Where are you from / where do you live now?
    Was born in London now live in Kent by the sea

    3. When did you start collecting Cars?
    Started purchasing cars in 2010 for my son but started collecting for seriously for myself early 2012

    4. Why did you start collecting Cars?
    Always been into collecting toys growing up, and was something that me and my son could bond over and get that feeling when something new was purchased

    5. How many cars (roughly) do you currently have?
    My sons have around 100 cars that are played with and chipped up and I have around 150+ cars opened up in my display cabinet and a further 80-90 carded in storage boxes or about to be put in a new display cabinet

    6. Which diecast car is your favourite (only one allowed)?

    7. Which car (from the movie) is your favourite, and why?
    Wingo, this is because he reminds me of my modified car days and all the great friends I met through it

    8. What has been your best ever find?
    Most recently I found a guy with 8 Brian parks and a whole host of new twin packs that I got for a great price

    9. What car(s) do you currently own?
    I Currently own a VW golf gti

    10. What is your dream car?
    I was lucky enough to own my dream car a Mitsubishi evo 8 FQ-300 when I was younger but would still love a Lamborghini aventordor

    11. What do you do for a day job?
    Retail manager for sainsburys

    12. Other than Cars Collecting, do you have any hobbies?
    My tropical fish tanks and just chilling with my family and of course going to watch the mighty Chelsea FC

    13. What is your greatest ever achievement?
    Becoming a dad to my 2 little soldiers

    14. What is your favourite ever TV show and favourite ever movie?
    Favourite tv show - Spartacus is pretty awesome but only fools and horses has to be up there
    Favourite films - gladiator, troy, kingdom of heaven

    15. If you won "Who want's to be a millionnaire", what would you do with the money?
    Keep my family debt free, creat the greatest car room ever and buy a house in Florida

    Please post questions and comments below

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    OFAH - great choice....

    Given your old "boy racer" tenancies (and assuming your rough age) - did you have a Nova or XR2???

    I was never a boy racer as such as my 1.3 Escort Popular Plus (the plus was the added rear windscreen wiper) then on to a Rover 216 Si (0-60 in just under 9 seconds so not too shabby)


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      Nice to learn more about you, jonj...

      I had to look up OFAH - I assume you mean the BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses and not the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (our Canadian friends may use OFAH for that).

      You've done pretty well acquiring as many Cars as you have in a short period of time... Maybe you can help your store get in good selection of Cars - some stores need all the help they can get - an inside connection who knows the product line can't hurt.

      Thanks again for your contributions to PCD.

      I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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        Nice to know more about you jonj! I like your reason for collecting! It's exciting when you are in the toy aisle & you both spot that new car for the first time. These bonding times are very precious!


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          Nice to learn more about ya man!


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            I like your taste in cars Jonj,I used to own a Mitsubishi evo8 MR FQ-320,one of the most impressive family saloon cars on the planet

            I also have a very large fish tank also,an 8ft x 3ft x 3ft acrylic marine reef tank,which is about 9 years old now

            Great to know a bit more about yourself