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  • Spotlight On.............OzzieMum

    Next up is a Mum from Australia..... You guessed it..... OzzieMum

    2. Where are you from / where do you live now?
    I am born & bred in Australia & currently living in Sydney, Australia

    3. When did you start collecting Cars?
    I started collecting Cars around 2009/2010 after the birth of my first son. I loved the original Cars movie & my mum took him shopping & bought him his first cars which has since turned into a much bigger collection / obsession for me & the kids. My step-son was little when the original movie was released & we had a small collection of the Shake & Go's which he loved, but the collecting came much later.

    4. Why did you start collecting Cars?
    I really enjoyed the storyline of Cars & the message it portrays & since my son also loved the movie so it was something that just evolved. Once I realised there were more than just LMQ, Mater, Finn etc we had to collect em all! Real answer though is just that I thought these cars were just so darn cute with their little eyes & facial expressions I just had to buy them - haha!

    5. How many cars (roughly) do have currently have?
    Wowsers! If I had to estimate it would be around 200-300

    6. Which diecast car is your favourite (only one allowed)?
    Frosty definitely holds a special place for a few reasons - it was be of the more harder cars for me to get at retail & the thrill of finding it in stores was the most excited I've been about finding any car, also because it represents Australia & because finding it allowed me to meet the real Frosty which started up a whole new passion of following V8 Supercars in real life which now the whole family enjoys.

    7. Which car (from the movie) is your favourite, and why?
    Lightning McQueen would have to be my favourite from the movie. His character takes such a journey in the film & as the main character he makes the movie what it is.

    8. What has been your best ever find?
    Finding Frosty & Flash in the wild in Australia, and finding Tyler Gremlin twice on holiday in Honolulu was pretty exciting! At the time of finding Tyler it was before I knew these Forums existed & I had no idea Cars were being released outside Australia that would never make it here so to me it was a good score!

    9. What car(s) do you currently own?
    I'm still driving around in my first bought car which is a 1998 Nissan Pulsar. Our other car is a Toyota Prado Grande which is used more on holidays & weekends when the whole family is together.

    10. What is your dream car?
    I dream of one day cruising around in a pimped out Black Escalade.

    11. What do you do for a day job?
    For a day job I work as a Procurement Officer in a Government Agency similar to the DMV

    12. Other than Cars Collecting, do you have any hobbies?
    My main hobby is Photography! I'm working through my Diploma to increase my skills, but its a big passion of mine. I love travelling & taking photos!

    13. What is your greatest ever achievement?
    My greatest ever achievement would have to be becoming a mum! It was my number one goal in life to be a mum & have a family of my own & I'm so proud of my son.

    14. What is your favourite ever TV show and favourite ever movie?
    Favourite ever movie would have to be Goonies...I have too many favourite TV Shows over the years so I can't pick just one but we really enjoy Deadliest Catch right now. I've been there in real life & the guys are friends with my family.

    15. If you won "Who want's to be a millionnaire", what would you do with the money?
    Firstly I would probably buy a bigger house for our growing family & pay off our parents mortgages. I'd leave a large portion in the bank to gain interest for the kids futures & take a nice long overdue family vacation somewhere exciting.

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    Nice to learn more about you, Ozzie Mum. I got to go out to Australia once back in 1999. Loved it. Never got to Sydney, but spent some time in Brisbane. I won one of the Frosty posters you donated and it is still up on my son's wall!

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      It's great to learn more about you, OzzieMum... I appreciate all you've done for all of us through trades and prize donations.,, I've never been to Australia but I'd love to travel there...

      Great story on your best finds - very few people have found any Super Chase Cars in the wild, let alone 2 different ones... and I agree with what you mentioned about your Tyler Gremlin find - the unexpected finds are always the best - I always try to look for Cars when I'm away from home... glad to know you do too.

      I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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        Awesome read OzzieMum! Thanks for sharing your story.


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          Great Interview Ozziemum, thanks for the insight!


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            it's nice to learn more about our member from down under
            very interesting


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              It is very nice to read the different threads..really cool to learn more about the members here I lived in Australia for several months.. I felt in love with it.


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                Thanks everyone! If any of you ever decide to head to Australia someday, let me know & ill take you cars hunting...ahh, I mean sightseeing

                Bobbyjack - glad you got one of the posters, if you ever need another one let me know


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                  "an ORV with bullet-holes the size of matzah balls!!!"
                  *does the truffle shuffle*

                  Good know more about ya OzzieMum! I've always held a fondness for the folks from the land of Oz. An entire nation that has a perchance for "taking the piss" is my kinda folk! Good on ya & glad to have ya here on PCD.


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                    @GotFrank - gotta love the Truffle Shuffle! Thanks for the kind words - us Aussies are a bunch of Larrikins or Galahs if you'd like to put it that way . Very nice folk indeed :P Now I'd better go throw another shrimp on the barbie & crack a VB! So hooroo! Lol

                    For those of you scratching your head & wondering what I'm rambling on about, here's the link to some famous Aussie slang for a bit of a laugh...enjoy!

                    My sweet hometown (taken in May


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                      Nice photo, OzzieMum... my closest visit to Australia has been eating at Outback Steak House... although from a geographical standpoint it was probably being in Hawaii back in 2003.

                      Time to study up on my slang!

                      I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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                        That slang is bring back memories of Kevin "BŁ00*y" Wilson...

                        At least now I know that if I'm ever in Australian and stuck for a word to use, I'll just use "bluey" as it seems to fit in with anything as it has so many meanings...


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                          Wonerful to read about you!
                          May the Fortune of the Hunt Be With You Jeff/


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                            Thanks for sharing OzzieMum, nice to find out more about you.