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  • Spotlight On... gtommec3

    Time to get Spotlight On going again... from Portsmouth (Virginia and Rhode Island)... here's gtommec3

    gtommec3 - received 12/9/13

    1. What is the story behind your PCD screen name?
    My middle name is Thomas but I go by Tomme, my first name starts with G and NY last name starts with C and i am the third

    2. Where are you from / where do you live now?
    I was born in Portsmouth, VA but moved to the Outer Banks of NC when i was a kid and that's where I stayed until about 5 years ago. Now I split my time between Portsmouth, VA and Portsmouth, RI (my wife's hometown).

    3. When did you start collecting Cars?

    March, 2013

    4. Why did you start collecting Cars?

    When my daughter joined Girl Scouts my wife also became a leader in her troop. I needed to figure out something special to do with my then 5 year old son Jake who has Asperger's. He loved the movies and already had some Cars cars so it was an easy choice. Now we go and each get a car or two every week while my wife and daughter are at girl scouts

    5. How many cars (roughly) do you currently have?

    I have about 200 and Jake has about 150 (including Planes) all opened

    6. Which diecast car is your favorite (only one allowed)?

    Leroy Traffik with Snow tires

    7. Which car (from either of the movies) is your favorite, and why?

    Sarge.. I have always been a Jeep guy

    8. What has been your best ever find?

    When Jake finally found The King... he was so excited as he had wanted one so bad

    9. What car(s) do you currently own?

    1977 Jeep CJ-5 Renegade
    2004 Jeep KJ Renegade
    1986 VW Jetta GL
    1987 VW Rabbit Convertible
    1996 VW Passat VR6 Variant
    2001 VW Golf Cabriolet GLX

    10. What is your dream car?

    I don't really have a dream car, I like a lot of different cars. Mostly common everyday cars.

    11. What do you do for a day job?

    I buy and sell cars and car parts. I also manage a fleet of 30 vehicles for my father's company

    12. Other than Cars Collecting, do you have any hobbies?

    I collect diecast VWs, Jeeps, Honda CR-Xs, minivans and dodge neons as well as any other diecast that catches my eye. I also collect Haynes Repair Manuals ( I have around 300 so far). I also have about 100 pairs of Converse shoes.

    13. What is your greatest ever achievement?

    My kids. I had a not-so-great childhood and i am determined to give my kids the opposite.

    14. What is your favorite ever TV show and favorite ever movie?

    My favorite TV show is probably the Dukes of Hazard and Back to the Future would be my all time favorite movie.

    15. If you won "Who wants to be a millionaire", what would you do with the money?

    I would buy a huge warehouse for all my favorite cars

    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom

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    Nice to learn more about you, Tomme! Lots of great moments collecting with your son... the look on a youngster's face when they find a new Car that they really have wanted is priceless.

    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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      Good to learn more about you, Tomme. I had the most fun collecting cars when my kids were into it.

      signature courtesy of BomBom77


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        Nice to learn more about you!
        Kenny, age 13

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          nice read

          you are really into jeeps and VW's


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            Cool. Always great to hear more to humanize the screen names.


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              Nice to learn more about a fellow enthusiast.
              May the Fortune of the Hunt Be With You Jeff/


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                Very nice!

                I was born near Portsmouth (VA) at Norfolk General and lived in Poquoson my first couple of years of life, before moving just across the border into NC.


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                  Good read. I wonder how many collections can be attributed to the autism spectrum.
                  That's how we got started to some degree.