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Spotlight Revisited: Clearysdad19

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  • cac1959
    started a topic Spotlight Revisited: Clearysdad19

    Spotlight Revisited: Clearysdad19

    Welcome to Spotlight Revisited... where we take another look at PCD members... Up next, here's Cleaysdad19

    1. How long have you been collecting Cars? How long have you been a member of PCD?
    i started collecting cars 2012 and joined 07-30-2012

    2. What has changed since your original "Spotlight Interview"?
    same house same job although im starting to look for a new job and getting out of navy next year, so if your hiring let me know. I did get two bunnies

    3. How has your Cars collecting changed?
    well its mostly just me now Cleary has taken all the cars off his book shelf and put them on mine to start collecting Slug terra toys (which he is getting for his birthday Aug 7) and im not a completest i just buy some old cars that interest me and a few new ones. still trying to complete the piston cup racers

    4. How does your current enthusiasm for Cars compare to before the launch of Cars2?
    i still love the cars from both movies although we dont watch the movies very often

    5. What are your most unique items in your Cars collection?
    i dont know how unique but i love cars from over seas 2012 celine dephare and acer with torch with numbers, 2012 1-50 in the package, the ransburg finn, taco truck mater, taia, miquel crew chief, german promo, and the silver mcqueen from cars 1.
    My Ramone collection my lemons collection with Tyler and Fred opened and in package SDCC Tokyo Mater and Barry diesel my super chases all from 2012 2013 my Desert Back ground cards 16 of them

    6. Assuming you could have a 2 week vacation anywhere in the world... where you like to go and what would you like to do?
    can i say sleep and possibly do nothing. but seriously i would say go to Europe and see the sights Paris Rome you know the good stuff

    7. What is your favorite part of PCD?
    Ferris who has helped me out a lot... the people are great here, the finds thread so i know where to look and the Facebook page where i get a lot of cars.

    8. What would you like to see added to PCD?
    Free cars Lol its a great site i cant think of how to improve it, oh but instead of commenting on peoples topics sometimes like facebook i just want to Like a comment.

    9. Do you regularly check out the PCD Facebook group?
    every day checking both sites

    10. What Cars items not in your collection would you most like to be able to add to your collection?
    SOTS set, Convoy bros, crew chiefs Cars 2

    11. Which store is your favorite to shop for Cars?
    all my stores are garbage but i check Target Kmart and TRU

    12. How do you feel about some of the more rare Cars items being re-released?
    Bring them on piston cup racers plastic tires Love it please release the cars not released in the US El Materdor Chuy

    13. What unreleased Cars items would you like to see released?
    Mcqueens biggest fan Albert Hinkey

    14. Approximately how many Cars do you now have in your collection?
    I have over 200 opened and around 150+ in package

    15. How many custom Cars do you have in your collection?
    Three Apple And PCD racer i made a custom Radiator Springs hydraulic ramone

    16. What else do you collect?
    sadly nothing not enough money for anything else

    17. iPhone or Android phone?

    18. Anything else?
    GEAUX TIGERS cant wait for football season

  • J Las
    Nice to learn even more about you.

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  • carslover
    nice to learn more about you again

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  • jeff
    Nice update. I too would like to see the die cast El Matador released in US

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  • Ferris
    Nice to be appreciated!

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  • ksammut
    Nice to learn more about you, Clearysdad19!

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  • cac1959
    Great to learn more about you, Clearysdad19! Nice job including photos in your answers... you did a great job on your custom Ramone.

    Keep us posted - I think Cleary will want his Cars back on his shelves someday.

    LSU Tigers? I'm sure they've put a hurt on my Ohio State Buckeyes before... I too am looking forward to college football season.

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