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Spotlight Revisited: Pixarcarsfan

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  • Spotlight Revisited: Pixarcarsfan

    How long have you been collecting Cars? How long have you been a member of PCD?
    I've been collecting since 2007.... I've been a PCD member for roughly nine days.

    What has changed since your original Spotlight Interview?
    Uhh.... this is my first interview!

    How has your Cars collecting changed?
    It's expanded from the singles, deluxes and 2-packs to Planes, playsets, and a couple other stuff. I'm even considering Hydro Wheels.

    How does your current enthusiasm for Cars compare to before the launch of Cars 2?
    Collecting is mostly the same although my first Cars 2 diecast was a Max Schnell launcher compared to my first Cars diecast which was either a Chuki, a Dinoco Helicopter or a Fillmore...

    What are your most unique items in your Cars collection?
    Probably my chewed-up Ramone Color Changer....

    Assuming you could have a 2 week vacation anywhere in the world... where you like to go and what would you like to do?
    I'd go to Texas or something, and buy lots of Cars...

    What is your favourite part about PCD?
    The people, the information....

    What would you like to see added to PCD?
    Polls, other stuff...

    Do you regularly check the PCD Facebook page?
    No, never.

    What Cars items not in your collection would you most like to be able to add to your collection?
    Bessie, Frank, Tractor, Apple Mac iCar....

    Which store is your favorite to shop for Cars?
    Kmart, Target and TRU....

    How do you feel about some of the more rare Cars items being re-released?
    It feels great!

    What unreleased Cars items would you like to see released?
    Bessie, Apple Mac iCar....

    Approximately how many Cars do you now have in your collection?
    Somewhere in the 370s....

    How many custom Cars do you have in your collection?

    What else do you collect?
    Planes, Planes F&R....

    iPhone or Android Phone?

    Anything else?
    Shoney.... the Amazin BLAZIN Raisin

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    Cool spotlight.
    May the Fortune of the Hunt Be With You Jeff/


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      90 posts in 9 days, thats a good average, much better than yer auld cricket team, mate!

      good luck with the collecting


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        And a self interview, a board first I think. Well besides Chris, the person who actually does the interviews.