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Spotlight Revisited: gipsy

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  • Spotlight Revisited: gipsy

    Welcome to Spotlight Revisited... where we take another look at PCD members... Up next, from Germany... gipsy.

    1. How long have you been collecting Cars? How long have you been a member of PCD?
    Well, it is still our son who is collecting cars and he collects about 6 and half years now. I have been a member of PCD since 2012.

    2. What has changed since your original "Spotlight Interview"?
    The only thing that changed since the last interview is the number of cars in the cllection and that I am now working. I am doing Cash in Transit.

    3. How has your Cars collecting changed?
    Nothing has changed besides we now have to get planes for the collection of our other son.

    4. How does your current enthusiasm for Cars compare to before the launch of Cars2?
    Well, there is no enthusiasm left. We rarely find anything new here in Germany and without good friends in the US we would not be able to get our sons the things they want.

    5. What are your most unique items in your Cars collection?
    I guess the most unique items are two Cars Cares custom racer as those will never be available again.

    6. Assuming you could have a 2 week vacation anywhere in the world... where you like to go and what would you like to do?
    I would love to go to the USA with my family, visit Disney world and visit some of those people who we became friends with in the last years and without whom our sons collections would not be what they are.

    7. What is your favorite part of PCD?
    I like the General Discussions and the Sale and Wanted part.

    8. What would you like to see added to PCD?
    Cannot think of anything missing.

    9. Do you regularly check out the PCD Facebook group?

    10. What Cars items not in your collection would you most like to be able to add to your collection?
    If Mattel ever continues the haulers and pitties for the other cars 1 racer I would love those. *Dreams*

    11. Which store is your favorite to shop for Cars?
    Guess my favorite "store" is Chris Carter. lol

    12. How do you feel about some of the more rare Cars items being re-released?
    Even though we got all of the so-called rare items when they were originally released, I appreciate it. They should stay toys for children and I can feel with every mother or father who has to tell his kid he cannot have this or that car because the price is astronomically high.

    13. What unreleased Cars items would you like to see released?
    I would love the rest of the cars 1 haulers as well as the pitties and crew chiefs for those. Ad I would love to get the Neon Racers complete and not just part of them.

    14. Approximately how many Cars do you now have in your collection?
    Ouch, that is a good question as I stopped counting when we reached 200, but I guess it should be something between 800 and 1000. If anyone has too much spare time he is very welcome to start counting.

    15. How many custom Cars do you have in your collection?
    Well depends on what we are counting. If we also count the flag McQueens it is 28 - otherwise it is only 8.

    16. What else do you collect?Our younger son collects planes. I am collecting nothing but money for their collections.

    17. iPhone or Android phone?

    18. Anything else?
    I just want to thank those people especially in the USA but also in other parts of Europe and Australia who make our sons happy by helping us to get the new stuff for them.

    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom

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    Great to learn about one of my friends and long time Cars collectors... Gipsy and keonisdad both help lots of people with the Lightning McQueen with Bumper Stickers with metallic finish several years ago - I'm grateful for that and the silver McQueen that she helped me with a few months ago... and a French mail-in Gask-its promo from many years ago... She's a great person to work with... and as you see in her interview, shows the need for world-wide efforts to obtain Cars and Planes.

    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom