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  • It's been a while

    4+ years since my last post in here!
    Many have been asking about the precision series Doc's Clinic
    This is Eli Davies, half owner of Get Me Collectibles. According to my rep Amazon made a mistake, Doc's is not being made at the moment, so Amazon took down the pre-order. Here is what I know: Mattel needs an order in hand of 3000 playsets in order to make them. Amazon, Walmart, Target, Disney Parks, none of them are willing to do it. Paul Richards (Paulmart Store) and I have been in talks, trying to get them exclusive to us. So far we have been told that Disney Parks will get them no matter what and that Mattel will sell them direct to consumer. Both of these situations require someone to place the large order. So far, Paul and I are not willing to place the large order which would then allow Mattel to sell to anyone else, making it so we each have 1500 or so, but other sellers can come in with little to no risk, buy 20 at a time, undercut us by a bit, then buy more. Mattel selling DTC (likely through Amazon) means that they would undercut everyone in which case Paul and I would be stuck with tons of stock, unable to sell most of it. Unless we are able to pre-sell most of it, we are not able to do it until the terms change.
    Mattel is still working on it, but as of right now they are not producing any more sets (all according to my rep).
    I am taking pre-orders. In the event that Mattel makes them, or that I get enough pre-orders to place the order myself (or with Paul), I will then fill all of the orders. I do not charge or invoice until I have items in stock normally, but in this case if I get enough orders I might have to invoice just before we get them so that the charge does not get turned away by the CC company. The price at the moment is not determined. Amazon put them up for $130 shipped (plus tax). I will match that, or possibly sell for less, and will only charge sales tax where required by law (I am based in MN).
    If you are interested in pre-ordering, or just being added to my email list (not automated, only new emails when I have new info and case lists) please email
    Thanks for reading!

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    Thank you for the update, Eli... While I would very much like to see Precision Series Doc's Clinic, I do not think it makes sense for you and Paul to cover the upfront cost of 3000 units (3000 at $100 each is $300,000 - I just chose the $100 number to make the math easy)... I have purchased every Precision Series playset from Get Me Collectibles (as well as cases and singles) and encourage others to do so as well...

    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom