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Peter's Mini-Racer and Micro-Drifter collections on display on wall-mounted shelves

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  • Peter's Mini-Racer and Micro-Drifter collections on display on wall-mounted shelves

    This is a photo of my recently constructed shelves for displaying my collection. Eight $5 rustic wooden service trays from Target were used along with some coarse shim boards. The decoupage Race Track / Event Tribute labels are used to cover up the word 'Barbeque'. ;p Everything was sanded semi-smooth to eliminate splinters.

    Cars Mini-Racers: all are on display except Metallic RustEze Cruz Ramirez. A few new releases are on order (2021 Advent Calendar with the 3 new snowy cars and the 4 new cars from the 2021 Series 3 Blind Boxes and 5 new cars from the latest 2021 3-Packs.), so an updated photo will need to be taken when those arrive. There are five mini-racer customs shown as well - BabyBlue Dinoco LMQ, Mac I-Car, JP Drive, ConeTeeth Mater, ImpoundBoot LMQ.

    Cars Mini-Haulers: These are from TakaraTomicaTomy. They are high quality metal haulers that are the perfect size to display with Mini-Racers.

    Cars Micro-Drifters: all are on display here besides Prof Zundapp w/ monacle. It's on order and ashould arrive in a week or so.

    Planes Micro-Drifters: The collection is complete (at only 17 planes, it's a small collection).

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    shelf detail when planning the layout race track / race event tributes trays and wood and labels
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    I just realized that's an older photo; more recent photos show more cars. Additional cars are arriving today, so another photo will be taken and this thread updated.

    I don't collect Mini-Adventures because they are ugly and gimmicky. That said, the Haulers aren't bad in that collection and I may start acquiring a few of those.

    UPDATED: I updated the photo above to reflect the complete collections.
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